The Black Lover

I'm the black lover the one who every one fears the gang leader's little sister, the one who handles all killing in the gang. I was loyal to the gang until Harry came into my life. He was the rival gang leader I was the black lover...


5. Night Watch


I felt bad for the Animals they might have killed my sister but they still didn't deserve to go through that much pain. I can't believe Ray would kill a 14-year old girl. Lily kept sobbing I just hugged her poor thing. Then Harry said "why would you help us?" That was a stupid question "Because I still have a heart" he just stared at me and said "I thought all Crawlers didn't have sympathy for nobody even if there family" ok now he's just pushing himself to get killed "if you don't shut your fucking face then I won't have sympathy for you when I pull the trigger!" He looked at me in amusement. Idiot. I saw a blonde boy's wrist bleed probably from the rope "if I let you lose will you not try anything?" He gave me a small warm smile and nodded. I untied him and took the tape out of his mouth and I asked him "what's your name?" "The Knife Animal but you could call me Niall" "nice to meet you Niall" then Harry said "when are you guys letting us leave?" I gave him an apologetic look and said "I don't know but don't worry I will not let anyone hurt you here" Then Cassie walked in "What's up my girl" she said. "Nothing much wanna help me watch them?" "Sure" she sat next to me but I can tell Niall really doesn't like her because he scooted away. Then Cassie said "you guys can leave tomorrow with one condition" then Harry quickly said "what is it?" Cassie gave her signature 'oh you'll pay' look and said "you have to join the Crawlers" "WHAT?!!" Harry said. "It's joining the crawlers or death" Cassie responded. "Can he at least talk to his gang about it?" I said.

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