Little White Lies

Peyton and Lexi are twins, they get beat up by Nathan and his friends. Peyton and Lexi are straight A students, but what happened when the Bad Boys come to town? Read to find out!!


10. Chapter 8

Hey!! Here are your two other updates.

Mkay Bai ;3

Nathan's POV

"Did you see how she was on the floor practically begging to be fucked by that blonde guy?" Mikey said and we all laughed as we walked into art. I see those ugly glasses with a uglier girl wearing them. I smirk and sit down behind her.

"So did you get some?" I ask and me and my boys almost fall to the floor laughing. I get a death glare from that guy with the brown hair and blue eyes.

"Something you would like to share with the class Mr. Corey?" Miss. Garcia says with a serious expression on her face.

"Oh yes," I stand up. "I would just like to say to all you fellow class mates that, Peyton Summers is a dirty hoe." I laugh and so does Mikey, Jason, Jake, and Drake. Peyton runs out of the class crying, we laugh again.

"To the office, all of you!" Miss. Garcia yells. We get up out of our chairs and head to the office. Dumbass teachers...

Peytons's POV(Self Harm Warning)

I run to the girls bathroom and into one of the stalls. I grab the pocket knife out of my pocket and pull up my sleeve. I slice it across my skin. I make about ten horizontal lines down my arm. I can't see anything other than the blur of my tears. Why does everyone hate me? I sit on the ground and bury my face in my hands and cry. I hear loud boots coming into the bathroom. They stop right next to the stall I'm in. My breathing stops, what if it's Nathan? He'll tell everyone that I'm cutting. The door slowly opens and I see the blonde haired guys, Niall is his name. His eyes go wide at the cuts and the amount of blood on the ground.

"This is what I fucking thought." He whispers and looks into my eyes. He helps me up and brings me to the sinks and washes the blood of my arm. He pulls out gauze and wrap from his pocket and wraps it around my arm. He smiles at me and I just focus on him wrapping my arm.

"We have to take you too the nurse." He says and I shake my head and back up to the wall.

"No, no you can't. Please don't." I cry. He nods his head and brings me to my locker just as Nathan passes by.

"Did you have fun?" He chuckles, I look down at the ground.

"Fuck off asshole." Niall says and flips him off.

"What if I don't want to? What if I want to do this?" He says and smacks me across the face. I fall to the floor and cry. His friends come and hold Niall down.

"Or this?" He grunts as he kicks me in the stomach. I cry louder as he beats me. Niall manages to beat off all four off Nathan's friends and grabs Nathan by the neck and raises him up off the floor.

"I said, fuck off asshole." Niall repeats and throws Nathan to the ground. Niall bunches his hands into a fist as he takes a few deep breaths. He looks at me and helps me up. he leads me out the school doors and into a black range rover.

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