Little White Lies

Peyton and Lexi are twins, they get beat up by Nathan and his friends. Peyton and Lexi are straight A students, but what happened when the Bad Boys come to town? Read to find out!!


8. Chapter 7

Hey, I am SO SORRY!! I have been busy with rodeos and practicing for rodeos. I will do something special for you, I will give you not one, not two, but THREE UPDATES IN ONE DAY!!! How special are you?!?!

Mkay bai ;3

Lexi's POV

I walk out of class and see Peyton on the ground, her sketch open on the floor and the blonde haired boy that I can't seem to remember his name picks it up and flips through the pages looking at her drawing that see lets no one see. Her face expression is worried, afraid, and ashamed. Oh no...

Peyton's POV

He picks up the book and opens it up. His eyes scan the pages. Until the pages turn blank, he looks at me and helps me up.

"What is this?" He asks after I brush the dust off my dress. I notice everyone has crowded around us. I grab my book from his large hands.

What is this?" He asks again, but this time more slowly. I see Jeremiah walk up.

"Leave her alone." He holds my arms and looks in my eyes.

"You okay?" I nod. We walk out of the crowd and head to art class.

"I'll be waiting out here when you get out of class okay?" He says bending down a bit to get to my level. I nod and walk into class. I sit down in the middle and open my sketch pad and start drawing Jeremiah's face. He's so perfect, I mean what girl can't help but fall in love with him? He has deep brown eyes, a kind personality.

"Hey." A voice says beside me and I close my book quickly and look at the person next to me. It's that guy with brown hair and blue-ish eyes.

"Hi.." I say quietly as I adjust my glasses.

"What's that you got there?" He nods toward my book.

"N-nothing." I say and we get cut off by laughing and shouting coming into the class room. It's Nathan and his friends. Oh no.. I wish I could shrink down into my seat. He spots me and smiles an evil grin.

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