Little White Lies

Peyton and Lexi are twins, they get beat up by Nathan and his friends. Peyton and Lexi are straight A students, but what happened when the Bad Boys come to town? Read to find out!!


3. Chapter 3

Peyton’s POV


I kept feeling the stares of those boys on me, as if they were scanning my soul as I made my way into the detention room.

I pulled my brown jacket around me tighter as I crossed the room and entered my seat. My sister sat down next to me and lifted her head up, staring at the ceiling. I grabbed my books from my bag and began to read a new novel I had bought. Lexandra started to hum her favourite song under her breath as she placed headphones into her ears. In our detention, we were allowed to do anything as long as we stayed quiet, didn’t make a scene and didn’t talk. It’s nice I guess... The curly haired boy pulled Lexi’s earphones out and pushed the book out of my hands.


“HEY!” Lexi said, standing up getting ready to rip his eyes out. He gave her a i-wouldn’t-do-that look.


“I-I mean.. thanks.. it was too loud for my ears anyway...” She said sitting down. He smirked.


“Got anything to say blondie?” He said looking at me. I shook my head, nervously and hid my head in my arms. He steps over to the teachers desk and sits down, I hear some snickering next to me and I lifted my head, they all were huddled around and smirking at us. I turned to Lexi and she had a freaked out look on her face. Her eyes met mine and she mouthed ‘What’s going on?’ I shrugged and went back to reading my book. Someone slammed their fists down on my desk, he had brown hair and blue eyes.


“No reading allowed in Harry’s class, young lady.” He said, I slowly put my book back into my bag. The boy smiles and sits down on my desk. “you're Lexi, right?” I glared up at him and shook my head.




“Hmm, so that’s Lexi?”


“I prefer Lexandra to people I don’t know!” My sister shouts and lifts herself from her seat, I motion for her to sit down, we don’t know what they’ll do... I mean they could like.. rape us or something.


“Whatever, you're still Lexi to me.” She sends him a glare before parking her butt down on the seat and crossing her arms. “Anyway, I’m Louis...that’s Zayn, Harry, Liam and Niall.” He points to the individual boys and I roll my eyes.


“Nice to meet you.” I mutter sarcastically.


“You as well,” Harry huffs.


“Well... I um..” All the boys were looking at Peyton making her nervous.



“SPEAK!” Harry yelled in my face. I began to get tears in my eyes.


“THAT’S IT!” Lexi snapped, I turned my head towards Lexi, she was standing and had the fire in her eyes. Harry stepped back as she jumped on a desk and jumped in front of him. “You can yell at me, but not my sister!”


“Calm down...” He whispers with another smirk.


“I’m warning you!” I hear her mutter back, her tone full of hatred. Harry raises his hands in defense, Lexi turns to me and smiles, about to open her mouth. But she got cut off by Liam I think.


“Seriously Harry? Scared of a helpless, weak girl?” He says, getting mad. Uh oh, Lexi is in trouble. Liam raises his hand, then slaps Lexi’s cheek. Rage filled up in my body. I stood up and ran to him pushing him down. He stood up then slapped me. I punched him, then went to Lexi. Lexi had a look of shock, but pushed me away and stood up. She punched him as well and kicked him in the shins.




“Yes you did,” Niall said, and took my hand. “You stole my heart.” He smiled.


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