Little White Lies

Peyton and Lexi are twins, they get beat up by Nathan and his friends. Peyton and Lexi are straight A students, but what happened when the Bad Boys come to town? Read to find out!!


2. Chapter 2

Peyton’s POV


“Why would he help us?” I asked washing my face that was covered in blood.


“Maybe he likes you.” Lexi said, giggling.


“Who would like me?” I asked drying my face.

“Him apparently.” She said. Then we headed off to class.


“Peyton, Lexandra you are late!” Mr.Thompson said.

“Sorry..” We mumbled. We looked at the class sitting on the gym floor, and we saw the new boys smiling at us.


“Well, since you two are never late or anything... I’ll call this a warning. Now you two go get your gym clothes on while I start warm ups.” He said, we nodded and walked to the girls locker room. We changed quickly and ran back to the gym. We saw the new boys lifting weights.


“Girls!” Mr.Thompson yelled. We ran over to him.

“Start running laps.” He said. We started and we were in the front in about two minutes. We were the fastest. After running laps we started a game of volleyball. Coach said we could choose who we were against. The new boys picked me, Lexi and three more girls. Me and Lexi saw the fresh cuts and bruises on the new boys’ hands and knuckles. I didn’t notice the ball coming toward me, I turned just in time to see the blonde boy jump in front of me and push me down. The ball whizzed past, I glanced at the boy.


“You're welcome princesa.” My eyes widened, did he just wink at me? Lexi gave me a I-told-you-so look. I just shook my head and didn’t believe it for a second.


My mind is playing tricks on me...Right?


I turned my head to look at the blonde, I watched him closely as he spiked the ball back to the curly boy next to my sister. She was gazing at him with hearts for eyes. The coach yelled at her to focus. The boy looked down at her and she blushed. She shouted at the couch for a drink of water, he let her go, she grabbed her bottle and drank out of it. Then she beckoned for me to come over. I asked for a drink as well, he sighed and let me grab some.


“What?” I hissed, “Lexi, this is not a good time.” She rolled her eyes.


“I don’t care.” She snarled, I sighed and crossed my arms. “you saw the way he looked at you.”


“Damn it Lexandra!” I whisper yell. She groans. “What interest would he take in me?”


“Peyton, he winked at you!”


“That doesn’t mean anything!”


“He likes you!”




“GIRLS!!” Mr. Thompson yelled, we flinched and ran over to him. He handed us both a yellow paper. Detention, great.


“But, Mr. Thompson, I can’t go to detention today. I have my ... uhh... my... um...” I started.


“Lying to the teacher? Naughty girls." The curly boy chuckled. Mr. Thompson gave him a disapproving look.


“Here, you can take one of these as well.” He handed him the slip. He smiled and winked at Lexi.


“See you two in detention.” He whispered in our ears.


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