Little White Lies

Peyton and Lexi are twins, they get beat up by Nathan and his friends. Peyton and Lexi are straight A students, but what happened when the Bad Boys come to town? Read to find out!!


1. Chapter 1

Lexi’s POV


“Hey Peyton, did you hear? There are five new students coming in today.” I said walking up to my twin sister.


“Yeah, I heard they have been in jail six times and they have tattoos and piercings... everywhere.” She answered back grabbing her bag. I smiled, as she shut her locker.


“Bad boys!” She giggled, just as the five boys walked through the doors. My eyes widened and I turned to my sister, she was looking at me. Everyone else stared at them as well, we couldn’t take our eyes off them. “God, they're hot..” Peyton whispered in my ear. We giggled. The boys looked at us.

“What’s so funny, hotties?” The blonde boy asked. We stopped and just stood still and stared. The boys smirked and walked away. Then the halls filled with girls talking about how they're going to be with them, and how the boys are going to fall for them. I just smirked. Me and Peyton were walking to Gym when we got smashed into the lockers.


“Ow!” Peyton said rubbing her head. She saw who was holding her down.


“Hey there sluts. Get with any boys today?” Nathan asked. We shook our heads.


“No,” I mutter, he glared at me and the turned to my sister again.


“Ha! That’s a lie!!” He laughed, then he punched Peyton in the stomach, she doubled over and groaned, then he punched me, we both fell to the floor. Nathan and his friends started kicking us and punched us. Peyton started to cough up blood, my nose was bleeding. Peyton started to cry quietly. I could tell because we’re twins. Nathan picked Peyton up by her hair.


“Oi!” Some deep, raspy british voice yelled. I turned my head and fixed my gaze on the person.


“What the hell do you want?” Nathan snarls. He came closer and glared at our bully.


“You have no right to touch a woman like that!” The voice yelled again. Peyton wasn’t paying attention. I tapped on her shoulder, she looked up and her eyes popped. The blonde smiled at her. Then he whispered something in the curly boys ear and they nodded.


“Come here, mate.” The blonde boy said to Nathan. Nathan chuckled.


“I said... come here!” He said getting mad. Everyone was watching, and they started to chant ‘fight’.


“No.” Nathan said and laughed again. He picked Peyton up and smacked her across the face. The blonde boys face was red with rage now. He ran at Nathan and picked him up by his neck. They were all wearing muscle shirts, so everyone could see their muscling flexing. The other boys picked up Nathan’s friends. The blonde smiled at us, especially Peyton. She looked away. Then the blonde threw Nathan into the lockers, then picked him up again.


“Harry, sacarlos de nuevo. Me aseguraré de las niñas están bien..” The blonde spoke in a different language. They nodded and took Nathan and his friends out the door. Then he looked at us and bent down in between us.  


“Hola, mi princesa.” He said brushing his hand on Peyton cheek. She flinched away.

“Awww, don’t be scared of me princesa.” He said. She stood up.

“I need to go clean myself up.” Peyton said grabbing my arm and pulling me to the bathroom.



Hey guys! Hope you like it! Comment what you think!

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