Blood of a Slave

Passion, lust, love. So many people mistake these emotions, especially under the comfort or pressure of a vampire. These humanoids do not give mercy. He have lived 'peacefully' by them, that's what they say. Any of us could be a slave to one of their kind.


1. Slavery

I have to admit, I am interested by vampires. Such common creatures yet we know very little about them, well, we have no place to ask such questions. We do as we're told, much like a domestic dog. I don't know why we live like slaves to them, no human does. It is a part of history that all Humans have been banned to speak of, believe me, I would know. Once in school, a boy in my class asked about it, all of a sudden a blurry, fast shadow snatched him away from his seat. He has not been seen yet, presumed dead.


No-one is safe, from the age sixteen you can be plucked from your life of ordinary or extraordinary proportions and chained in the home of a vampire. You are not warned, the 'delivery company' kidnap you practically and take you to the vampire that has ordered you. I fear for them, no one vampire is the same as another. One can almost kill you everyday, another can rape (not rape cause law allowed vampires to do this to their slave) you every night but then one can simply keep you as a maid and have you keep the house tidy. Not surprisingly, 84% of requested slaves are women, 67% of them experience rape from their masters almost everyday.


There are rules though, every vampire must sign it upon collecting their slave. I am not aware of them, you are informed of them if you're unfortunate enough to be 'chosen.' More like stolen away. The official definition of a slave is: a person who is legally owned by someone else and has to work for them. Why did we humans agree to this? Perhaps we were pressured, or tricked. Or we knew that if we didn't agree, we'd all be extinct by now. But if we die, they would eventually run out of blood.

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