Rachael and the Daughter of Poseidon (Book 1)

Rachael is a Demi-god. Rachael Eatock has been in camp seen she was 3 and isn't allowed to leave because she will get attacked by to many monsters. she thinks she is the only young child of the big three but she was sssssooooo wrong. What happens if their is another child of the big three? Will she be nice to them or will she be mean? Percy Jackson fan fiction. So characters aren't mine they are rick riordan like Percy Jackson, annabeth chase and many more.


2. Friends are coming, can't wait

Chapter 1

Friends are coming, can't wait

My friends are coming back to Camp today, I can't wait. The only downside is Clarisse is doing my head in. I wonder when the twins are coming to camp and I know their dad is not Zeus like mine is. I think their dad is Ares Greek god of war. I think they son and daughter of Ares because they love to fight and have Ares personality. I can't  wait to see cousin Percy today.

I was mucking about with Annabeth Chase when my best friend Magenta Violet Rose (Annabeth's half sister), daughter of Athena, creeped up be hide me and scared me. Wrong thing to do she got hit with a lightning bolt because I am not very good at controlling my powers. 

"Annabeth do you know when Percy is coming?"

"Do you not mean Seaweed Brain, Rachael? I think he is arriving at noon!"

"Ok, bye see you later Annabeth."

I walked of to find Emma Harrison daughter of Ares and just my luck i wasn't watching where i was going and walked straight into Clarisse. 

"HI. Watch where you are going squirt or do you want to fight." 

"Bring it on Clarisse. i aways beat you anyway."

"No you don't. Now bring it on Rachael Grace Eatock."

" You have to use my middle name don't you."


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