Rachael and the Daughter of Poseidon (Book 1)

Rachael is a Demi-god. Rachael Eatock has been in camp seen she was 3 and isn't allowed to leave because she will get attacked by to many monsters. she thinks she is the only young child of the big three but she was sssssooooo wrong. What happens if their is another child of the big three? Will she be nice to them or will she be mean? Percy Jackson fan fiction. So characters aren't mine they are rick riordan like Percy Jackson, annabeth chase and many more.


3. Characters

Ella1421D character

Magenta Violet Rose
Dark brown, almost black, with specks of ice blue
pitch black, always braided, except for special occasions
Teleportation and Mind control
Powers can kill if used to intently
Daughter of Athena
evil, yet innocent, funny, happy, sarcastic, can make anyones day better, is the go to person, the nicest person you may ever know
using mind control to throw anthing, etc, etc..
typically warm clothes, sweats and sweaters, always wears gloves, no matter what, convers all the time, and in the winter, a thick beany never leaves her head.


Lacy Styles

13 years old

ice blue eyes

ginger hair with blue tips

stays at camp because not any parents came to camp at age of 3

With fashion powers

is strong

both ADHD and dyslexia

clumsy  perky sweet anger issues at times

daughter of Aphrodite

cursed blade named riptide as weapon

long flowing sea foam green dress with blue ascents that changes into combat boots and a tank top and leather legging


Darcy johnston
bright blue eyes
brown wavey hair
no dont stay at camp
10 years old
very smart and is a quick thinker
to trusting
daughter of Apollo
funny caring trusting kind good to talk to
sword and dagger
smart and sensible for what they she doing


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