Breaking Through

Ever heard of the word ''Love''?
Ami, knos and wants it…
but can't have it!
Ami, is a 18 yr old girl from Orlando,
and she doesn't know half the word of work!
But she has a boyfriend, but not a great one…
more like and abusive one!
But he went too far, and beat her against a bloody pole,
In a coma for 8 weeks,


1. Cameron

I slowly type in random words to my laptop,

bored as hell, 

So I eventually decide to go ahead,

and spend some time stalking...

Stalking One Direction!

Yes I am a fan, but who isn't!? they are cute, got an amazing talent (singing) and are… they're just soo cute!

I just really wanna meet them!,

we'd have a laugh,


play some video games, 

me and Niall fight over the popcorn!,

My dream!

just that one scene,

all I ever want...


And to break up with my boyfriend,


Bullies me, he does,

none stop...

Rape to physical violence!

I'm scared… but to scared to explain...

I'm worried… but no words can explain it...

But one day… i will stand up to him...

But when?

I'll never know.

Drowned in my thoughts, 

I heard my phone buzz on the Glass cabinet,

I pick up my phone an read it with a shiver slowley defending down my spine,


Hi, babe, gonna go to a club tonight, wanna come?

Thats an order, not a question!

See yaXxX

.P.S. Wear some slutty clothes

My throat becomes dry,

words blocked from sound,

I decide to cool off by a shower, 

I go and strop my ay over their, reminding myself of the text

"Thats an order, not a question!"

But I soon forget, and let the tipid water smoothly slide down my body,

with my hair rinsed 'till it was shiny,

I tip-toe out and rap a towl around my tanned body,

"Wear some slutty clothes",

Immeidetly I grab my leather booty shorts, and my tank top with a large kiss mark on it,

I then add on a large amount of make-up,

and grab my 6 inch heels,

MY phone then buzzes,


I'm here






Hi it's the writer here!,

If you do have any abusive action with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

PLEASE contact me my email is

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