A poem about 'Anna'. Read and you'll find out what this poem is all about.


1. Anna

She beckoned me closer

 And said it would be fine.

 Not once did she mention

 That it would give me pain.


So badly does it hurt

That I wish she'd never come

And welcomed me in

With soft and spacious arms.


When I first met Anna

 She was beautiful;

 She told me that one day

 I might look the same.


All I had to do,

Her cool calm voice advised,

Was to take control of my life

And let her do the rest.


So simple did it sound

 To my ears which longed to hear

 That I could change myself

 And become like her.


She crept into my brain

 Controlling all I did,

 Not listening to my view point

 Just charging straight ahead.


I liked what I saw,

The preliminary changes that Anna made

But then Anna injected the poison

Which distorted how I thought.


Now I know the truth,

That Anna was a liar.

She didn't mean what she said,

A victim was her only desire.


She wanted my blood,

She wanted my pain,

She wanted to torture me

So that she could claim me.


Sitting somewhere

In another world

Anna was plotting how to bring me down

So that I would never return.


Happiness never crossed her mind,

 She wanted me to burn,

 She wanted me to suffer

 For the sake of all who had survived.


Anna constantly whispered in my ear:

Don't touch

Don't eat

Don't sleep.


Anna followed me everywhere

 Saying not yet,

 Wait till later and

 You relented so now you must be punished.


I obeyed as best I could,

 Though now I wish I had not.

 Listening to Anna

 Has destroyed my life.


I thought I’d killed her,

 I hoped Anna was dead,

 For she would be much better off

 And safer if she was.


I ignored her voice

And shut her in a memory box.

The lock was strong but,

Unfortunately, not strong enough to hold Anna.


She kept on coming back,

 She haunted my dreams

 And whenever life improved

 Anna shoved me back down.


Anna why do you do it?

What pleasure does it give you?

 With all your beauty

 Why try to make us look ugly?


Your powers are beyond imagining,

The distortion you create.

I'll never forgive you

Not for anything you did.


I don't think I'll ever be normal,

 The same as I was before.

 It ruined my life

 And if you're not careful Anna will ruin yours.


She doesn't care who you are,

 She doesn't care how you look.

 She doesn't want to help you,

 Anna will just kill you.

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