Troubled Love

Lucia has a troubled childhood, physical, emotional and drugs were regularly abused in this house, so theirs really no wonder why she turned out the way she did? getting shipped to her nans wasn't exactly what she had in mind but she had to make the most of it, could this relocation bring a fairytale?


2. Lucia's background

So I'm Lucia, A couple of years have gone by I'm 18 now but id like to share my story. I still like to think i used to be party legend in this town, Every night I was either out or having a party at home.

School, If they were lucky enough to see me, was a failure. I just walked around with my "water bottle"  filled with straight vodka and my smokes, They stopped bothering sending me home after a while i came and went as i pleased.

I had a boyfriend Damien- Kinda, only really on weekdays, Weekends we agreed to an open relationship, I'd only ever had sex with one person, Cameron and that was my virginity, Damien sleeps with girls every weekend, But he says its fair because i didn't put out.

My family functions- again kinda, My Mum, Tara, has been with my step-dad John for as long as i can remember, My mum left my dad shortly after i was born, She thought it would've been a better life, how wrong was she? Through-out my childhood i witnessed my mum beaten, belittled and become a full time time drug addict all before i could even call myself a teen, I knew this life was gunna be bad, so i went bad with it. Although some good did come out of John, 2 beautiful siblings, Dave a typical boy, only cares about his games, Sydney on the other hand was born 4 and a half months Pr-mature, so she had to battle from the beginning, but she showed shes a fighter, and now you wouldn't even imagine with how advanced she is. My nan and Uncle Adam are both drug dealers, so guess who thinks their gods of the family because they supply the drugs, Adam and i used to be so close when i was younger but than he got addicted to ice, and well his never been the same, My nan, I wish i just had a normal nan who makes blankets and cupcakes, id be to worried about whats in the cupcake if she ever gave me one, probably rat sack or something.

my father, Henry has a girlfriend, Amanda and 2 kids, my dad was in and out of jail my entire childhood so i never really seen him but when i did it wasn't overly pleasant, mainly because of his girlfriend and her brat of a daughter, Brooke, the step-sister shes only young but she already has an attitude to big for the world, Jaxson on the other hand, is only 2 but looks like a little Chucky's bride doll, and evil enough to be. My dad isn't a bad man, he's still trying to be a dad, he moved to my town to be "closer" to me but i think mainly because they can borrow money off me and not pay it back, both my mother and my father. I'm not over estimating anything when i say I'm more mature than any adult in my family, as you will see.

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