Troubled Love

Lucia has a troubled childhood, physical, emotional and drugs were regularly abused in this house, so theirs really no wonder why she turned out the way she did? getting shipped to her nans wasn't exactly what she had in mind but she had to make the most of it, could this relocation bring a fairytale?


3. Lucia

I walk into the kitchen to tell Mum I'm going out again and get my carton of pulse

"Alright, but be home by 11 please" she calls

"Yeah, whatever" i yell back

She didn't say am or pm..


I arrive at Paula's house and she's almost ready, bonus because she usually takes hours.

"Mole, hair up or down?"

"Up, you have terrible regrowth"

"Thanks for the honesty" Paula replied obviously offended

"Don't worry babe, ill fix it for you tomorrow, lets go!"

We arrive at Cody's place just as they started a chop, i didn't smoke weed because of my parents so i just continued drinking, when I'd had around 10-12 drinks i gave in to having my first cone, i wish the saying "Beer before Grass your on your ass, Grass before Beer your in the clear" had occurred before i had it, because my god did it put me on my ass. I managed to crawl my way over to the water tank and just sat there, head spinning until i heard.

"Lucia? You here baby?" an unfamiliar voice called. I could only assume this is Cameron

"Yes, Who is it? i asked calmly

"Cameron. Baby can we play?" he asked

"Ah, no i don't think that would be a good idea, i have a boyfriend, you have a girlfriend and I'm just not interested, Sorry" i said, harsher than i meant

"Come on, just one more time?" he pleaded

"No, sorry"

"Your rank and easy anyway" he yelled at me and stormed away

He worry's me, I'm not sure why, just something isn't right with him.

I call my boyfriend and get him to come pick me up, but he doesn't answer. Typical Friday night. I look at the time and get a rude shock that it's 2am. It's at least an hour drive home. My parents are going to kill me.



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