Troubled Love

Lucia has a troubled childhood, physical, emotional and drugs were regularly abused in this house, so theirs really no wonder why she turned out the way she did? getting shipped to her nans wasn't exactly what she had in mind but she had to make the most of it, could this relocation bring a fairytale?


1. Lucia

Lucia woke to her mum, Tara banging on the door.

"Lucia, wake up, it's 12pm already!" She calls.

"Yes, mum ill be out soon" i call

I begin my struggle for the bathroom when i start noticing how sore i am, i must have really danced last night, i cant remember anything either. I grab the panadol and down two before getting in the shower, that's gotta kill this hangover.

After my shower, i grab my phone and there's a message from a number i don't know

Thanks for the great night, ill be seeing you again.

That's when it clicked, the soreness, it wasn't from dancing, it was from loosing my virginity. Not even a second after this massive realization hit me, my best friend Paula rings.

"Hey what happened last night?" i asked

"Ah not exactly sure, i found you passed out in the shower, why?"

"I got a text from a number i don't know saying " "

"You were getting pretty friendly with a dude named Cameron last night, weren't you a virgin?"

"I was until last night apparently, i don't remember a thing tho, who is this Cameron?"

"Not really sure, he has a girlfriend tho I'm pretty sure, and he just got out of Juvi i think"

"That's great, i lost it to a criminal, that has a girlfriend, my day gets better. Gotta go x"

f**k, f**k, f**k. welcome to my life.


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