Meeting Josh Hutcherson

You were a normal teenage girl, until one day you stumbled upon a news article advertising a sweepstake to meet Josh Hutcherson. You did what it said, knowing it was impossible.......


1. Against all Odds

Beep, beep, beep.

You wake to the sound of your alarm clock. You sigh because yet another day has gone by, and no phone calls from Levi, your (ex)boyfriend. You have been waiting for him to make up but it's been two weeks and your starting to loose hope.

"Taylor! get up! It's time for school!"  Your mom yells from down stairs. "Okay, I'm awake!"

You drag yourself out of your bed, and cross the hallway into the mini bathroom.

You trudge back into your room to apply a dab of blush on your cheeks before kissing your Josh Hutcherson poster and skipping down the stairs. When you round the corner, you find your mother sitting on the couch engaged in the news. This confuses you, because your mom never watches the news before work.

"What are you doing?" You ask raising your eyebrows as she turns to you.

"What am I doing? You forgot?! Do you know what today is?" She looks at you like your stupid.

You walk into the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of orange juice.

"Uh, Friday. Now come on so I can get the day over with." Just as you say this, you hear,

"As some of you already know, were announcing the winner of the Josh Hutcherson sweepstakes..."

You pause and stair at the TV. "Mom, I'm not going to win. Stop wasting your time."

"And the lucky person going to Hawaii with Josh Hutcherson is...."

You turn to the TV again, curious. Your not going to win,

The news reporter reads off the name, and you drop your orange juice.

 "Taylor Smith!"






(This isn't the end, I'll update later)

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