The New Family (One Direction Fan fiction)

Sarah Sheeran. Everything about her is normal, she's just a 15-year-old girl. Except that she's Ed Sheeran's cousin. The weird part that she has never met him before. What will happen when all sarah's summer plans has changed to a whole different thing ? will she gets to meet her cousin? will she meet new people ? maybe one direction ?
Read The New Family to find out.


7. chapter 7

Hellooo everyone !! I'm SOOO sorry for not updating for a long time ! But here it is, chapter 7 ! Also i wanted to thank you guys for taking some of your time to read my story, it means alot to me !! So help and support this story and



Lastly, I decided i'm gonna ask you a question in each chapter.

so the question of this chapter is ...

What is your favorite fanfic right now

Mine is after. Obviously all the directioners love because of the feels !

i'm gonna stop talking so you can read the chapter haha

Enjoy people ;))


"Ready?" Ed asked.

"Ready" i said with a voice full of confident.

Ed knocked on the door three times until Harry opened the door.

"Oh hey guys, what's up mate ?" Harry greeted us, hugging Ed this bro hug or whatever they call it.

"Hey, you must be Sarah. Hello sarah nice to meet you" he said with a smile. Wow, i think his teeth are brighter than my future.

"Hello, same here."

"Oh i'm sorry come on in" harry said, moving out of the way.

"Your house is lovely" wait what ? Where did that come from ? I never complement someone.

"Awh thank you, you're so sweet" he said. I don't like complementing people. Hell, i don't even like being nice to people it sound too... I don't know it's just annoying.

"Boys Ed is here !" Harry shouted. Ok...

"Oh and sarah !" He shouted again. "Sorry" he chuckled.

"Mate, why are you acting so polite ? You're crazy all the time, and rude" Ed laughs. Well it's nice to see that side of harry instead the crazy one. I think I will like his crazy side than the nice one.

My thought were interrupted by four boys running down the stairs.

"Hey love" louis said, hugging me. Wow they are so friendly. It kinda make me want to throw up because I'm not that type of a person that go on Complementing and hugging everyone.

"Nice to meet you" louis said breaking the hug.

Next to louis, was Zayn who was staring at me like a creep. He is kinda freaking me out.

"Umm.. Hello?" I said hesitantly. What is wrong with that guy? I guess my voice made him snap out of his thoughts. He blinked a few times before answering, "oh hi sorry" he chuckled nervously. Something about that boy went off when he saw me. I didn't know that I was that bad.

"I'm Niall"

"Liam" each one of the boys greeted and hugged me as louis except Zayn. He's really making me worried and that's freaking me out even more because I never care what the hell people think about me. But other than that, everything is normal. I don't really know why did I act nice to these boys but, I don't have negative signals from them. That reminds me,

It still confusing me how i got so comfortable with Ed in just a couple of days. I'm not nice to anyone. I mean I don't really remember the last time I was nice to someone. It probably was before my mother's death. After her death I tried to always be strong and tough, so no one would think i'm weak just because my mother died. I guess me trying to be strong also made me mean and rude.

But for some unknown reason I don't want to be mean to these boys, but I surely won't be too nice and complement them again. That was a mistake that's done one time in your life.

That made me think, do i trust Ed ? I just met him but I feel I can slightly count on him. Not for major things, but maybe for the smallest problems that are possible.

"Uhmm.. Hello ? Earth to sarah?" Harry waved his hand in front of my eyes. I blink a few times to snap out of my thoughts. Wait how long have I been deep in my thoughts ?

"You had zoomed out like two minutes ago" two minutes it is.

"Sorry i was just thinking" i smiled apologetically.

"Alright what do you guys plan on doing today?" Niall asked making eye contact with all of us.

"We could watch a movie ?" Liam offered.

"Nah that's lame, how about going to the mall ?" Louis suggested. Liam rolled his eyes at louis for insulting his offer.

"I vote for the mall" said harry raising his hand. Seriously ? He looks like a kid in primary school with his hand raising like that.

"Me too" Ed said. Please, I don't want to go to the mall. The thought of walking make my feet hurt already. Please someone disagree..

"Fine we will go to the mall" Liam groaned. I hate him for confirming the plan but at least he doesn't like it.

"Yayyy !!" Louis yelled raising both of his fists in the air and running like an idiot towards the door.I seriously feel like I'm in kinder garden or something.

"Alright, let's go", said harry. Grabbing his keys off of a small table.

After what it seems like hell of a long ride, which is actually fifteen minutes or something we're done with louis singing or should I say yelling along with every single song that comes on the radio.

"Let's go to Starbucks!" Louis exclaimed. Man does that boy ever calms down ?!

"No I'm hungry let's go eat !" Shouted Niall. Oh dear...

"No i want to go shopping!" Harry yelled. Alright that's it.

"Enough !! I already have a headache from louis yelling at the god damn radio ! A fight about what we're going to do isn't my favorite thing at the moment." I said to all of them.

"Sarah!" Ed scolded me with a warning look. Seriously ? Should I be afraid or something? It's not my fault that they're acting like freaking kids. It feels like babysitting with them. Ed looks like I just embarrassed him. I just roll my eyes. Even If I did, I don't really care.

All the boys are staring at me like I just grew another head.

"Wow" louis said still staring with his mouth open a little bit.

"Sassy, I like it." Louis smiled approvingly.

"Yeah yeah I've been told that before" I said.

I looked at the other boys, and they're just smiling. I look at Ed, and he just shrugged. Yeah that's what I thought.

"Alright we will make this fair and we will start by shopping" I said looking at all of them. I saw harry yahooing. Seriously what is wrong with these guys ? I thought that they would be more mature to their age. Well I guess not.

"How is that fair ?" Niall asked pouting. If he think if I'm gonna buy this face, he's sadly mistaken.

"Because I said so now let's go because we don't have all day" I announced and started walking to the front of the group.

"Actually we do have all day" Niall told me. I turned around and glared at him.

" don't correct me pretty boy" I said trying to hide my smile. Yes I am just joking around and I think the boys know that too, but no one and I mean no one corrects me.

"Sorry ma'am" Niall said trying to hide his smile, but he obviously can't.

"Can we please go now?" Harry is whining like a little boy. You know, he's not helping my suspicions to be proven wrong that he is really a kid trapped in an adult body.

As I expected, the boys started to fight over which shop we should go to first. So again, I decided. We went to Hollister which was what harry wanted.

"What do you think of this ?" Harry asked me, holding a t-shirt over his body.

"It's good I guess" I shrug. I don't really have a great sense of fashion, he shouldn't ask me.

"I will ask the boys" he said walking away. Good choice.

I just kept looking through the store but nothing really interest me. I found a chair and thank god I found it. I sat there and waited for the boys to finish. These dudes shop longer than me.

Finally after we went to millions of shops, we were done. I started to get hungry so I told the boys to go get something to eat.

I know I'm gonna regret this but,

"What do you want to eat ?" I asked them.




"Italian" they all said in the same time. Oh boy..

"Do you seriously live like this ? Arguing over everything ? It's annoying as hell !" I said frustrated. I just spent a couple of hours with them and I'm already bored with their, you could say "life style".

" I don't know it's just how we communicate I guess" harry shrugged. Well everyone has it's own way.

"Alright to solve this, everyone can go and buy whatever they want and then we could meet and sit in one table in the food court."

"Finally, you did something that is fair today" Niall said rolling his eyes. He did not just do that.

"Excuse me ?" I glared at him and this time, I wasn't really joking.

"Sorry sorry I was just joking, your glare is really scary." Niall raised his hands in surrender.

"Thought so." I said, "harry you want pizza right ? Can you get me one with you too?"

"Yeah sure." He said walking to the pizzeria.

"I'm gonna go and find us a table." I went through the food court looking for an empty table that can take all of us. Why is it so crowded today ?

Finally I found a really big family leaving a table. I went and sat there waiting for the boys to arrive.

Just a few seconds later, I saw Niall coming with a meal from macdonald's

"How the heck did you order that fast ?" I asked surprised.

"That shit is always fast." Niall started eating his meal.

"Lovely, you won't even wait for the others to come."

"Don't worry, by the time they come I'll be having another meal."

Just on cue, the others came one after one.

"Here you go." Harry said handing me my pizza.

"Thank you." I didn't realize how much I was hungry until I smelled the very delicious pizza.

For my wonderful luck, Zayn was sitting across from me. Freaking me out, again.

"Uhmm...zayn ?" I said waving my hand infront of his face. He wouldn't budge. Shit that's scary, he's not even blinking.

"Dude are you ok ?" Niall started to shake his body. Finally Niall shaking him brought him out of his thoughts.

"What the heck is wrong with you ? You've been zooming out alot today." Louis said startled.

"Nothing nothing I'm just ... Tired." He said while looking at me. Come on give me a break.

To break his awkward stare at me, I looked downwards and started eating my pizza. Although, I can feel

His eyes burning me while he was eating.

"Man I'm stuffed." Said louis, patting his stomach. Luckily, they were all tired from walking in the mall so there weren't any screaming, shouting or "singing" in the way back to their house.

By the time we arrived at their house, it was 7pm. Wow we really took a long time there.

"So what are we gonna do now ?"

"How about we watch a movie ?" Everyone agreed to Liam's idea. He looks pleased that they finally agreed to something he said.

Well, I don't mind watching a movie.

"What type of movie do you want to watch ?" Oh shit.. I know what's coming next.




I groaned in frustration. If I'm gonna spend my time with these boys, they have to find another way to "communicate" as louis says. Cause this shit isn't working for me.

"Let's watch a horror movie." Ed said frustrated. Obviously he's tired of their arguing just like me. But wait.. Did he say horror ?

Oh no no no no!

I think the only thing that can make me scared on the earth is horror movies. They are worst than anything.

Keep yourself together, you have to look strong infront of them.

Unfortunately, they all agreed.

I can't watch this movie with them, I got to find an excuse. Think Sarah, think.

"Uhmm...guys I'm really tired I should really go sle-" I was cut off by louis.

"No way ! You gotta watch this movie with us ! It's awesome !"

Oh well.

I've been holding myself through the movie so far, Keeping up my guard. I have to not let them know I'm not scared of anything, even of a stupid horror movie.

But unfortunately since the girl saw whatever creature it is above the wardrobe, I lost it. I think it was the first time I scream that hard.

"Shit ! That's the first time I hear a scream that loud ! I don't think our fans even did it before." Said Niall, stuffing his mouth with more popcorn.

"Well I think you aren't 'tough' as you claimed to be" Louis laughed quoting the word tough.

"Well I think you should shut the hell up ! Believe me you don't wanna go there." I said warning.

"Woah, slow down tiger. I'm just joking." Louis raised his hands in surrender.

"Ed can we leave please ? I'm really tired" I stood up from my seat walking to the front door. I think I spent too much time with these kinder garden children.

"Alright, goodnight guys."

We hopped into our car and started the journey to Ed's house.

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