The New Family (One Direction Fan fiction)

Sarah Sheeran. Everything about her is normal, she's just a 15-year-old girl. Except that she's Ed Sheeran's cousin. The weird part that she has never met him before. What will happen when all sarah's summer plans has changed to a whole different thing ? will she gets to meet her cousin? will she meet new people ? maybe one direction ?
Read The New Family to find out.


6. chapter 6

Hiii guys ! I know this is a short chapter but I will try to post chapter 7 today (: don't forget to like, comment and favorite ! enjoy (;


Chapter 6

I struggled to open my eyes but the sunlight was too bright. After getting used to it, I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I took a shower and brushed my teeth and hair. I entered my closet and got grey sweatpants and white t-shirt to wear. Man, I'm hungry.

I ran downstairs and went to the kitchen and saw ed sitting there eating scrambled eggs.

"Why do you always wake up before me ?" I asked him Confused. Like seriously when does he wake up ? In the dawn ? It's like 7 am right now!

"Me waking up before you is because I'm a morning person, and you waking up after me is because you're lazy" he stated. I gasped.

"I am not!" I acted offended.

"Yes" he said.







"You know what I'm really tired and I'm seriously hungry so I can't continue this game." I said. It was true.

"Told you, you are lazy"

"Whatever" I said rolling my eyes. I opened the cabinet and got out a box of cereal and a bowl. Then I poured some of it and got the milk out go the fridge and poured some too. I sat in front of Ed and started eating.

"So are you excited ?" Ed asked looking at me. What ?

"Excited for..." I said confused. What was he talking about ?

"Today? You're going to meet one direction remember ?" Ed said raising an eyebrow. Oh right !! I forgot about that !

"Ohh yeahh I remember now" I said continuing eating my cereal.

"And yeah sure I'm pretty excited actually" I continued, smiling.

"Great! Finish your cereal and start getting ready" Ed stood up and put his dish in the sink then went upstairs. I finished my cereal and did the same.

Ed's POV

Yes, the whole surprise thing was a lie but I think it was a good idea. I wanted to make sure that Sarah is going to get along with them. I hope. And let's see what's going to happen today. I got ready then waited for Sarah downstairs.

Sarah's POV

I was really, really excited for today. I really like one direction. They are from the most amazing characters I've seen in my life. I'm really grateful that Ed did this. He's a really great cousin. I'm actually glad that I'm going to spend the summer with him.

I went to the closet and got a pink hoodie and white shorts with pink converse. I grabbed my phone and earphones and went downstairs.

"Alright let's go" I told Ed and walked toward the front door. We got out and hopped in the car. I turned on the radio and story of my life was on.

"The story of my life I take her home.." I started to sing along and nodding my head.

"Ahhh !! My ears !! They're melting !!" Ed joked.

"Ha ha very funny" I said sarcastically. Idiot.

Fifteen minutes later, we were in front of one direction's house. Wow and I thought Ed's house is big!

"Ready?" Ed asked.

"Ready" I said with a voice full of confidence.

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