The New Family (One Direction Fan fiction)

Sarah Sheeran. Everything about her is normal, she's just a 15-year-old girl. Except that she's Ed Sheeran's cousin. The weird part that she has never met him before. What will happen when all sarah's summer plans has changed to a whole different thing ? will she gets to meet her cousin? will she meet new people ? maybe one direction ?
Read The New Family to find out.


5. chapter 5

So two chapters in one day !! You're welcome (;


Chapter 5

Ed's POV

"Before who wakes up ?" I heard Sarah say behind me. Uh oh

I turned around to see her looking at me waiting for my answer. She tried to make a confused face but I know as hell she knew that I was talking about her.

"S-Sarah h-hey" I stutter. I always stutter when I'm nervous or don't what to say. And I hate it.

"Hello, so who were you talking about ? Is it me ?"

"I...I-I was talking about.." I sighed i can't get away with this there is no believable lie in this situation. "Yes Sarah I was talking about you"

"Oh really and what were you saying about me ? And why didn't you want me to know?" She raised an eyebrow. Now that question, not really easy to answer. Wait a minute...

" because Sarah, I wanted to surprise you. But unfortunaly you knew about the phone call I just did"

Sarah's POV

"Because Sarah, I wanted to surprise you. But unfortunaly, you knew about the phone call I just did"

A surprise ? Oh, really now ?

"A surprise huh ? And what could that surprise be ?" I don't care if it was a surprise or not, I want to know what is it and now.

"I wanted you to meet one direction"


Ed's POV

Ok I lied.

I actually didn't make any surprises for Sarah

I lied because I didn't want her to know about my plan.

"Really ? You wanted me to meet one direction ? That's nice of you" she said smiling.

"Well thank you m'lady" I said bowing. She laughed at that.

Wait is that our first nice moment together? I guess it is. I like that.

I guess I'll to have to do this "surprise" so she won't find out that I'm gonna actually leave her this summer too.

I just wanted to do one thing before I go to this tour.

To make Sarah love me and trust me like I was her older brother.

And I promise myself, that I would do it.

Sarah's POV

You know, I'm not a huge fan of one direction, but I really like them and their music. And I think what Ed did was a really nice thing To do for me. And for the first time, we just had a nice moment together since I got here. I like that.

"So when am I going to meet them ?" I asked.

"Tomorrow, but how about we go to the mall now?" Ed offered.

"Sure I'd love to" I smiled with my teeth showing. That was the first time I smile a real smile since the beginning of the summer.

"Alright go get ready" Ed said smiling

"Ok see you in 5 minutes" I ran upstairs to get ready. I wore a t-shirt that says "too fab for you" and dark blue skinny jeans and a dark blue converse. I didn't really like fancy clothes, I always like it nice and simple.

"Ed I'm ready!!" I shouted running downstairs. I saw him waiting in the kitchen.

"Alright I'm ready to-" he stopped reading my t-shirt.

"You think you're "too fab" huh ?" He said grinning.

"Of course do you have doubt in that?" I asked raising my eyebrow and standing in a sassy way.

"Girl, I'm much more fab than you" Ed said in a really weird accent and snapping his fingers. I laughed so much about this that I can't even take my breath.

"Alright alright you win, now let's go!"

"Ok come on" Ed said chuckling, shaking his head.

"Wait!!!" He exclaimed. "What's wrong?" I asked, startled. He ran past me and open the front door for me.

"I'm sorry that I'm such a gentleman, but I can't help it. It's in my genes." He said flipping his hair.

"Wow Ed, what a modest person you are." I said rolling my eyes.

We walked towards the car and I opened the door and hopped in.

"Hey Ed, is the mall far from here ?" I asked ed looking at him.

"No no it's just a ten minutes ride."

I turned on the radio on and heard the beginning of the a team.

"You know, this is most beautiful song in the world" Ed said.

"Again, very modest" I shook my head and changed the channel. Dark horse was on.

"Oh my god I love this song!" I started singing along with the song. Then it came the part that said "there's no going back" I started dancing like crazy. Don't even ask me why.

"You know you're crazy right?" Ed asked looking at me weirdly.

"Thank you, thank you very much I'll actually take it as a compliment." Ed shook his head at me.

"Alright we're here" Ed said turning off the engineer the car. I looked at the mall and it was huge. And let me say, I love huge malls.when Ed and I entered the mall, the first thing I saw was Starbucks. If that wasn't a sign telling me to go then I don't know what is.

"Let's go to Starbucks." I ordered ice mocha and Ed ordered Carmel frappe.

After we finished our drinks we went to lots of shops like forever 21 and Hollister.

After an hour and half, we decided to go home because we were so tired.

"Thank you ed for this amazing day, I really loved it." I said gratefully. I really appreciate what Ed did today. He tried to make me happy, and he succeeded.

"You're welcome Saz" Ed said smiling.

When we went home I got ready to sleep, I was so tired. I went to Ed's room to say good night.

"Good night Sarah" he replied and kissed my cheeks. Once my head was on the pillow of my bed, I was out cold.

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