The New Family (One Direction Fan fiction)

Sarah Sheeran. Everything about her is normal, she's just a 15-year-old girl. Except that she's Ed Sheeran's cousin. The weird part that she has never met him before. What will happen when all sarah's summer plans has changed to a whole different thing ? will she gets to meet her cousin? will she meet new people ? maybe one direction ?
Read The New Family to find out.


2. chapter 2

Hellooo !! So here you go, chapter 2 !! YAAYYYY ! I hope you guys like it :) and please give me feedback i really need to know what do you think :D


Chapter 2

So here i am ... In the airport ... In London.

apparently dad couldn't do anything to cancel the business trip so again, here i am ... In the airport ... In London. Waiting for someone to pick me up

While i was waiting at one of the seats with the my bags beside me, someone with his hoodie up and sunglasses came to me

"Hey, are you sarah, ed sheeran's cousin ?" He asked me with a small smile.

"Yes i am" i answered with the same smile.

"Great !, can you come with me ? He sent me to take you from the airport, he's waiting for you right now"

Wonderful, my cousin couldn't even come and get me !!

Okay okay i know about the paparazzi !! I'm just grumpy, alright ?!!

Oh man, i'm getting crazy.

"Oh okay are we going now ?" I asked the man that i still don't know his name.

"Yeah sure come on"

I was going to carry my bags but he took them from my hands. I just mumbled a 'thank you'.he just nodded in response.

"So where is the car?" I asked the man while I was looking at the cars that were parked in the parking lot of the airport.

"There" he pointed to a big black car. I don't have a big knowledge of cars so I don't really know what kind is this car.

We walked towards the car, when we got to it's place, he put my suit cases in the trunk and hopped in the driver seat. I got in the car too when I turned around to the driver seat, I saw ed.

Wait what ?

" how ..when did you.." I was trying to collect my words but ed cut me off.

"It was me all along I just had to hide from paparazzi" he explained the confusion I had before I even ask anything.

"Wow...I didn't know a hoodie and sunglasses can be that good of a disguise" he laughed at my statement

"Believe me, it's a very good disguise I've used it lots of times and no one recognized me"

" well good to know" I said looking at the road from the window beside me.

We sat the whole ride home in an awkward silence.Ed tried to make a conversation but I just answered him with 'yes's and 'no's not in the mood to talk to anyone.

After half an hour, we arrived at Ed's house and it was HUGE. I mean yeah I know he's Ed Sheeran but I never thought his house would be THAT big.

I got out of the car behind Ed who was holding my suitcases walking towards the front door.

"welcome home for this summer" Ed said as he opened the front door with me following behind.Once I entered the house, I was amazed. It wasn't only beautiful from the outside, it was even more beautiful in the inside.

"Come on, let's go to your room" Ed said climbing the stairs. I went after him.

Ed opened a door which I assumed is my room's door.

HOLY SHIT WHAT A ROOM !!! It was so big !!! And purple, so purple which is my absolute favourite color !!

It had a big T.V with Xbox next to it on the floor, walk-in closet and a big bed with a purple duvet on it.

The best part was that the walls and carpets were purple.

Basically I was in love with this room.

"How did you know purple was my favourite color?" I asked Ed still taking in the decorations of the room.

"Your dad told me" dad...

I sighed remembering our now cancelled summer plans. I just wanted to spend time with my dad, I don't even remember the last time we had a proper talk together. He always come home late from work or have business trip.

Since my mum died I always feel lonely, that's why I try my best to spend time with dad. Mum was like my best friend, I told her everything. My problems with school, friends and even my crushes. She was literally everything to me.

"Sarah...SARAH!" Ed's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah?" I said looking at him

"I asked you two minutes ago if you would like to eat..?" He said more like a question than a statement.

"No, I'm not hungry" I answered

"Ok, do you want to watch a movie with me?" He asked smiling.

"No. I don't" I said trying to control my anger, I always get angry when I remember my mum.

"Ok.." Ed answered with disappointment and sadness written on his face.

I sighed again. I know I was rude and mean to Ed but I was really angry and sad. But I will try to be nicer next time, but right now I really wanna go to sleep.

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