The New Family (One Direction Fan fiction)

Sarah Sheeran. Everything about her is normal, she's just a 15-year-old girl. Except that she's Ed Sheeran's cousin. The weird part that she has never met him before. What will happen when all sarah's summer plans has changed to a whole different thing ? will she gets to meet her cousin? will she meet new people ? maybe one direction ?
Read The New Family to find out.


1. chapter 1

Hey guys ! So this my first fan fiction I've ever posted so it's not that good I'm sorry. I hope you guys support me and make this story more popular. So please tell me your opinion :)) and I promise next chapters will be longer xx


Chapter 1

" so you're saying that the summer that was supposed to consist of us traveling to different countries around the world is going to change to spending it with someone i don't even know ?" I asked calmly but inside, i'm on fire.

"Look sarah i'm sorry okay ? This business trip came out of nowhere!" My dad said, trying to convince me that it's not his fault.

"But dad you promised ! And i've been waiting for this summer for a really long time ! And this is not the way i imagined it!"

"How many times should i say i'm sorry ? There's nothing in my hands i can do"

He said the last part quietly.

"Of course dad, there's nothing you can do" i replied as i ran to the stairs to go to my room

"Sarah, come back here !" My dad exclaimed from downstairs, but i just ignored him and closed my room's door.

This happen all the time. My dad promising me something, then he doesn't do his promise. I mean why did i even believe him when he said he's going to make this summer the best one ever ? I should have known that he will have another stupid business trip. And now i have to spend my whole summer with someone i don't even know.

He's ed sheeran, my cousin

Yeah, i know i should be freaking out right now because the someone we are talking about is ed sheeran i mean i'm a fan myself but spending the WHOLE summer with someone you have never met before is really awkward and weird

And i know someone will ask me "how ed is your cousin and you never met him before ?"

Well that's because my mom was from Egypt but my dad was from England so when dad and mom got married they decided they will live in Egypt and my dad will leave England but sometimes he would go there for business trips. Anyway back to the point my uncle, who is ed's dad live in England and of course so does ed, plus i have never went to visit them so basically i've never met my uncle or his son.

Yeah.. Kind of complicated but ehhh ...who cares?

Well anyway, here goes my awesome summer plans.

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