The Skaters

My name is Myra Moon. But people call me a midget. Why? Because I'm way smaller than other girls of my age which is 18. People think it's a reason the bully me. There is also another thing: I'm a skater. Nobody ever stood up for me; except a boy named Harry Styles.


2. Theater Class

Myra's p.o.v.:

The first lesson was Theater. I was in the same class as Jake and Luna. There were also 5 boys of The Popular Group in my class. "Goodmourning class." "Goodmourning professor Brown." The class replied. "Welcome back. Since most of you already know eachother, you are going to introduce somebody you don't really know. So don't choose your best friend! And of course, you will have to use alot of expression." Everybody formed pairs. A boy with brown curls of The Popular Group came to me. "Hi, my name is Harry Styles." "Nice to meet you. I am Myra Moon." I replied. You would expect someone of the Popular Group is arrogant, but he is gentle. After a fiew minutes, we had to stop. Jake and Luna were the first. The other 4 boys of The Popular Group were Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam. They seemed pretty nice. There were still a fiew other people and Harry and I were the last ones.  "This is Myra Moon. She is new on this school and she is a skater. Her age is 18. She loves music, her favourite singer is Conor Maynard. Myra doesn't have any brothers or sister." That's how Harry introduced me. Now, it was my turn to introduce Harry.

Harry's p.o.v.:

I've chosen the new girl. It would be the only moment I would be able to meet her without people think it's strange. I think she's really cool. I should ask her number, but after class. When I introduced Myra, I barely used expression. But mister brown already knows I am terribly bad in theater so... Now it was Myra's time to introduce me. "This is Harry Styles. He is a great cooker and he loves to sing. But he is terrible in theater." When she was finished, mister Brown spoke: "Well, that's the end of the class. Off you go." This is my chance. "Hey Myra. I was wondering, can I get your number?" I asked a bit uncertain. "Yeah sure." I'm so happy she gave me her number. That will make it easier to know her better. But I can't make it too obvious. Then I will have sooner or later troubles. Stupid rule number one...

Maybe, there is a chance to change it. Just maybe. But for that, someone needs to break it. And that will be me. Actually, I don't care that I will have troubles because of that. It's worth it. At least, I hope it is...

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