The Skaters

My name is Myra Moon. But people call me a midget. Why? Because I'm way smaller than other girls of my age which is 18. People think it's a reason the bully me. There is also another thing: I'm a skater. Nobody ever stood up for me; except a boy named Harry Styles.


5. Romantic

Myra's p.o.v.:

When Louis left, Harry needed to calm down because he was really angry. Harry went outside so I knew he wanted to be alone for a while. After 10 minutes, I went outside too and I hugged him. "I love you, Myra." Whispered Harry in my ear. "I love you too, Harry." I replied and I gave him a kiss. "Are you okay?" I asked him."Yes, I'm fine." We held eachother hand and went inside. I put on the radio to create a better mood. They played the song 'All Of Me' by John Legend. It's so beautiful. I held Harry thigh and we started to dance. After the song, Harry felt better. For lunch, we decided to eat sandwiches. We talked and laughed alot. It was really fun. Harry is so sweet. After lunch, we went home to take our stuff. By bike, we went to the swimming pond in the neighbourhood. We were alone there which was more fun. The sun was shining bright so it was pretty warm. "I'll be first in the pond!" Harry shouted. "You're still wearing your clothes, Harry Styles." I replied. "So what?" He picked me up and threw me in the water. "Harry!" I laughed and he jumped after me. "I don't have extra clothes with me." I said. "Me neither." I held my arms around his neck and we kissed.

Harry's p.o.v.:

After swimming, we layed us down on our bath towel in the grass to dry in the sun. Myra layed her head on my chest. I wanted to stay there for hours. "It's beautiful here." said Myra. "Yes, it's one of my favourite places." It really is beautiful here. There is a rosegarden with a picnic table. "Are you going to tell your other friends about us?" Myra asked. I thought about that question. "I don't have a choice. If I don't tell it, Louis will tell them anyway. And I don't want to have a fight like that anymore. Louis is more than my best friend, we are like brothers. Hopefully, he will forgive me." It was silence for a moment. "And you?" I asked her. "Probably, first I will tell Luna and ask her for advice. I am scared how Logan will react. He already has a premonition that I'm in love with you. In fact, he warned me for it." Myra answered. "Wait, he warned you for it? How ridiculous!" I hate rule number one. "Yes, I know. But he'll be really angry when he finds out about us." warned Myra. "If he even tries to hurt you, I'll fight him immediately." I really meant that. Nobody hurts my girl. "I'm afraid he'll fight you anyway if he finds out about us." I saw she was scared so I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Harry, just be careful." Myra said worried. "Don't worry, everything will be alright." Well, I hope so. "How can you be so sure of that?" "Because I'm with you. I will always protect you, Myra." We hugged and kissed. We went home by bike. It was already evening. I didn't even realize how fast the time passed by. "Do you want to eat nando's?" asked Myra. "I would love too." We went to the Nando's in the neighbourhood. As always, it was delicious.

Myra's p.o.v.:

After dinner, we went to Harry's home. "Do you want to watch a movie?" asked Harry. I nodded. We decided to watch 'Night At The Museum'. None of us saw the movie before. Harry layed down on the sofa and I layed my body on his chest after we kissed. The movie was fun. It's about a man who decides to become a night guard in a museum. But he doesn't know that the museum comes alive at night. After the movie, we weren't tired at all. We took a bath towel and layed us down in the grass outside. There was a beautiful night sky. The stars were shining bright and there was a full moon. We kissed passionly. It was like a movie, but this was real. I didn't want this to end. But after an hour or something, we eventually went to bed.


Author's message:

I'm sorry if there are any mistakes in it.

I hope you like it.

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