The Skaters

My name is Myra Moon. But people call me a midget. Why? Because I'm way smaller than other girls of my age which is 18. People think it's a reason the bully me. There is also another thing: I'm a skater. Nobody ever stood up for me; except a boy named Harry Styles.


3. In love

Myra's p.o.v.:

When school was finished, my friends and I went to the skate parc. Harry is so beautiful, so funny, so gentle... "Don't you think?" ... "Myra!" "Huh? What?" Jake rolled his eyes. "The boys of The Popular Group are so arrogant, don't you think?" asked Luna. "What? No, they're not. At least, Harry isn't." To be honest, that sounded weird. "Please don't tell me you're in love with him, are you?" asked Logan. "No, not at all! He is boring, but not arrogant." I had to lie if I didn't want they'd be mad at me. "I hope so. If you do, you have to know you can't be a couple." said Logan severe. It's such rubbish! We did some tricks and races, while listening the radio. The song was 'Can't Say No' by Conor Maynard. Suddenly, I got a tekst from Harry.

"You want to come to my house? I'm home alone." :)

"Sure, I'll be right there."

"Hey guys, I have to go home. See you tomorrow." "Yeah, see ya." Luckily they didn't ask any questions. I'm so happy that Harry asked me to come. Of course I'm in love with him! I mean, how can't you? Look in his eyes, look at his curls, his beautiful smile... It's just impossible not to be in love with him!

Harry's p.o.v.:

I have a fiew problems. Only one, but it causes several problems. The biggest problem: I'm in love with Myra. Why is that a problem? She is a Skater, and I don't know if she likes me. If she doesn't like me, I have to get her out of my mind. If she likes me, than I will have problems on school, maybe also with my friends. To find out if she likes me, I invited her to come to my house. The doorbell ran. "Hey Harry." Myra said with a beautiful smile. "Hi Myra, come in." I lead her to the living room. "Do you want a cup of tea?" "Yes please." So we sat there and drunk our cup of tea. "Do you play guitare?" Myra asked, because there is standing one in the living room. "Yes, a little." "Play a song." I took the guitare and played 'I won't give up' by Jason Mraz, while singing of course. "Wow..." That was all she could say. She is so beautiful. She looks like an angel. I came closer to her. Our lips were only a fiew inches away from eachother. My lips touched hers. She didn't pull me away, she allowed it. The kiss was so perfect. I felt like I was in heaven, no, I was in heaven. I just kissed the most beautiful girl in the world. It's just perfect...

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