32nd Hunger Games

Cole Winters and Dawn Bliss are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are from District 10 . Whilst Dawn and Cole were Hunting they made friends with 2 hunters the same age from District 11 . The Reaping comes around and all 4 of them get choosen at random . Is this coincidential or is it just sheer bad luck but what Cole is thinking is how he will win and How will he betray his friends ?


3. Train Suprise

We arrive at the train station and board the train. This happens very quick. I am on the train when I notice how luxurious it is. Diamond glasses. Golden tables. Platinum door nobs. Chandeliers hanging from the roof. It's a 3 day trip to the Capitol although the train travels at 240 miles per hour and you can't feel a thing. Effie shows us to our rooms and we get showered and dressed into clean clothes. We then make our way down to the dining room and get dinner. This is where I met my mentor for the first time. His name is Tom Howard. He won the 100th hunger games by being the fastest among 47 other tributes. He's been able to bring 6 tributes home since that one being my Best friend David. He seems nice but strict. I can tell that Tom wants to bring us both home but as only one tribute can come home he can't and is deciding whom he will help most. When dinner is finished I find Dawn and talk to her alone since the Woods this morning. We don't talk about the games but I ask her to be allies and she agrees. She thinks that if we work together we can win this together. And I believe her. Together we can make it. We can Survive. After we talk we go to our rooms and get ready for tomorrow as we will have to meet our stylists. Then when I get ready I go to sleep. When I get up it's around 9. I get showered and dressed and make my way down to the breakfast table. There at the table awaits Tom and David talking about what they think the arena might be this year but turns out they don't know. Then comes down Dawn and Effie. Our prep teams come down. They are looking as weird as Effie. One of them have bright green skin as purple hair, another with whiskers and a tail ad skin the colour of a jaguar. Then my stylist comes down it's a man. He looks familiar. I don't know why though because I haven't seen any one from the Capitol before. He has brown skin with a hint of gold eyeliner. Now I remember who it is . But isn't he supposed to be dead. It can't be. Its Cinna


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