32nd Hunger Games

Cole Winters and Dawn Bliss are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are from District 10 . Whilst Dawn and Cole were Hunting they made friends with 2 hunters the same age from District 11 . The Reaping comes around and all 4 of them get choosen at random . Is this coincidential or is it just sheer bad luck but what Cole is thinking is how he will win and How will he betray his friends ?


1. The Visit


Then we were marched into the justice building and put into separate rooms . All I can think about is where Dawn is and is she ok . I haven't worried about her this much before. Maybe it's because I didn't realise that I loved her this much before. When I was looking out of the double paned window a peace keeper came in and said I had 30 minutes to talk to my family and friends that visit me . My mum and uncle came and visited me . They said to promise them to win for them. I don't know what to think anymore that was my first thought . To win for the ones I love, but that would mean losing Dawn. I don't want to lose her or anyone I love. I don't know what to do, I guess it would be make sure Dawn doesn't die . My uncle started saying that I should get my hands on an axe or a sword or spears. But the truth is I am useless with a sword or spear. I've never use one before. I've used an axe a few times so I'm pretty ok if I get it. But my weapon of choice would be a trident or bow. I can shoot. My grandad showed me before he died. I miss my grandad. He was the one who took me to the woods. My uncle was from the Capitol once. He won the games once he won using a trident his name was Finnick O'Dair. He was from district 4. It's the fishing district. I'm from 10, it's the livestock district. He was my godfather. My godmother won the games once as well . Her name was Annie Cresta. She married Finnick when the rebellion broke out. The rebels won because of a girl called Katniss Everdeen. She rebelled against the Capitol by saying she was madly in love with a boy called Peeta Mellark. She used poisonous berries to rebel against the Capitol. Showing she wasn't just a part in their games. Katniss told Annie that Finnick died by lizard muttations that the capitol created. Annie said to katniss when she was on her way back to District 12 could she leave his trident to Cole. Just as I was going to announce that I was in the woods before a Peace keeper came in and took my uncle and mother out of the room. I thought that my time was up until my friend from school came in. Her name was Emmelie Forest. She came in and gave me some cookies to eat and discussed my plan. I never really liked any one in my school except for my best friend David Shaw and Emmelie and Dawn. The when Emmelie leaves . A peace keeper guides me to a black car with dimmed windows. From the car my journey will start to the games, my death arena, the place I will die.


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