32nd Hunger Games

Cole Winters and Dawn Bliss are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are from District 10 . Whilst Dawn and Cole were Hunting they made friends with 2 hunters the same age from District 11 . The Reaping comes around and all 4 of them get choosen at random . Is this coincidential or is it just sheer bad luck but what Cole is thinking is how he will win and How will he betray his friends ?


2. The Car

In the car I am sitting beside The weird Capitol attendant and to the other side of her is Dawn. I learn that the Capitol attendant is called Effie Trinket. Today she is wearing a bright green dress with apples on it. She talks about what is expected of us at the Capitol and what we have to do and who we have to meet and so on.... I think at this point me and Dawn aren't paying much attention to her. We are near the train station when I hear her saying about the Games are going to be a hit this year as there is a new Gamemaker. Oh ,no this means that the Games will be interesting this year to the Capitol citizens but more horrific to the tributes. Effie says her name is Amulus Coin. Wait was that not the rebel who suggested to Katniss that they would have a last Hunger Games.It is. This means it will be worse. She knows I'm a relative of Finnick and Finnick was Katniss 's friends. She will make it her objective to kill me. And that's another disadvantage of keeping Dawn ALIVE.


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