32nd Hunger Games

Cole Winters and Dawn Bliss are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are from District 10 . Whilst Dawn and Cole were Hunting they made friends with 2 hunters the same age from District 11 . The Reaping comes around and all 4 of them get choosen at random . Is this coincidential or is it just sheer bad luck but what Cole is thinking is how he will win and How will he betray his friends ?


4. Talk

We eat our breakfast and get changed into our clothes and get ready for the Capitol which is only an hour away. I go and meet Dawn when we are ready and to my surprise I find that David wants to talk to us about the arena and training sessions and interviews. He tells us that he will be mentoring us from here on out as one of Toms relative has died and he has sent us a letter and a gift . We open the letters and gift. The gift is a token from our district. Dawn and I get the same token . He must know that we are going to be allies. Then we read our letters. Mines says that he believes in both of us and that the rule this year has changed permanently to that two tributes from the same district can be crowned victors. This makes me think about the arena. The arena must be something like a death trap for us tributes. And that he thinks that if we work together we can win this. Then David tells us that there will be a meeting tonight about us and that we are welcome to come and listen. Then he leaves me and Dawn by our selves for a while . Dawn says that on her letter that Tom thinks that we should team with district 4 and that they can get us food but we don't pass any remark on this . I think that we think we can win this without other districts. Then we arrive at the Capitol . It's full of people looking like Effie. Wearing wigs, having false eyelashes and had plastic surgery . The Capitol is full of people and full of buildings and in the centre is the mayors house. We then reach the training building its where we will be staying for the next few days. We have a few training sessions before the games . We were told not to show our strengths to any one until our private training sessions. I think I going to use an axe or a bow . I wonder what weapon Dawn will use , but all I can do is hope she gets a low score so people thin he's harmless . In the arena, that's when she should show her strengths. To show the Capitol what our real strengths


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