Under the noses of the cops

About a Murder who works with the cops to find himself !! Will they find him ...


2. The train ride

It's been about 6 hours since Daniel got on the train and fell asleep.Paddy got up and got his knife but before he could the conductor came into see their tickets.

"Can i see your ticket please"said the conductor

"Yes one moment !!"Paddy says grabbing his ticket

"Thank you " replied the conductor "Excuse me sir" he said to Daniel "Can i see your ticket please"

"Let me just get it" Daniel said "Here it is "

"Thank you and have a nice day" said the conductor walking out of the cabin

As the conductor walked out of the cabin, Paddy started asking Daniel some questions

" Are you married"

" No but i have a girlfriend and 2 children"

"How old"

"3 and 6 months"



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