Under the noses of the cops

About a Murder who works with the cops to find himself !! Will they find him ...


5. The next day

"So what happened here than?" asked Jay- detective Jay Johnson

"Well i was driving past, when i saw a dark towering shadow run,so i pulled over and saw a young man lying on the train tracks.He had a knife,a butchers knife"explained the old lady.

"Thanks for all your help, if you remember anything else give me a call" he said while giving her his card.

The detetive gathered all of the clues and took them back to his dull office.Detective Jay Johnson looked though them ove and over again.Jay was sat in his office thinking about the clues and how he would slove this murder.Then it hit him.

"Matt" shouted Jay

"What can i do for you Mr Johnson?" Matt asked

"Can you give Paddy Collins a call and ask if he minds helping us with this case please!!"Jay replied


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