Under the noses of the cops

About a Murder who works with the cops to find himself !! Will they find him ...


6. The bad news

The next day Paddy walked in and took a seat in main reception.A couple of minutes later Jay walked though the door and sat next to Paddy.

"So is this what yo what?"Jay asked

"Yes it is" Paddy replied

They set off to tell Daniel's family about his death.Once they got there Paddy saw Daniel's oldest child, Chloe playing in the sand pit.Jay knocked on the door 'knock,knock' Darcy answered it.

"Hello" Darcy said

"Hello im Jay and this is Paddy! is it alright if we come in?"Jay asked showing her his badge.

"Yeah sure"Darcy said sounded worried " Chloe,come in now darling.

They walked into the the living room and sat down.

"Sorry for your loss!" Paddy said

"What do you mean?"Darcy asked

"It's Daniel, he is dead" Jay replied

"Daniel's d-dead"Darcy said about to start crying.

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