Under the noses of the cops

About a Murder who works with the cops to find himself !! Will they find him ...


3. Nearly there

As time went on Paddy kept making it hard for himself to murder Daniel.Paddy tried and tried to grt Daniel back to sleep but Daniel wasn't tired.This was a problem for Paddy. Paddy wa sgrowing impatientand the train was almost at it's desternation. It was like everything was speeding up and getting faster and faster.Paddy had less then an hour to comit his crime. As they pulled up to the station you could see a young girl with 2 children. One was about 3 and the other was about 5-6 months old. Paddy looked at Daniel as he got up and waved at oldest child. A smile grew on Paddy's face but his thoughts were the same. Suddenly there was blood all over the seats.

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