Trying to get him

A 16 year old with a simple crush... But, how far will she go to get to him?


5. Trying again

Vanessa's P.o.v.

I can't believe he didn't notice me. It was like I was a clear ghost floating right passed him. I started to think.... "Maybe I should hang out with the popular bitches for a while". I started getting an evil smirk on my face. I decided to go on a shopping spree, but without Margaret, Jennifer and Emily. I wen to the mall and went to the Michael Khors section, his collection was sexy! Like oh my god, his hand bags were too sexy, I couldn't handle my-self. After about an hour in a half at Michael Khors I walked out with two bags filled with items! I made a stop by the Gucci store and they the good shit ! I walked out with One big Hefty Duty bag full of items ! I got make up foundation and concealers for my ugly annoying pimples! I got new shoes, The Griffey 2013's, The Graffiti Jordans and a pair of purple Vans. I stopped by Victoria's Secret and got me some underwear and bra's etc. My last stop was Mcdonalds and I was hungry ! I ordered a Number 3 Combo meal with a medium drink. After I was done, I left for home to try on my clothes. I ran upstairs as fast as I could catching my breath. I had my phone on mute and Margaret texted me. Margaret: Lol were are you Vanessa ? Me: back from the store Margaret: Oh wyd? I ignored her the rest of the night. I tried on everything. 1,000 texts went off on my phone but I ignored it still. I looked fat, I couldn't take it. I fell on my bed crying. Scared my weight was getting out of hand. I took a shower and watched t.v. hoping there was no school. Of course stupid Stafford High school has school. I looked at all my messages, but still I never replied. Just thinking about how I'm going to do this, just to get to him.

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