Trying to get him

A 16 year old with a simple crush... But, how far will she go to get to him?


3. My looks

Vanessa's P.o.v

I raided my closet with fury. What if I don't have anything to impress him? What if my things don't make me stand out ? Will I stay a loser forever ? Will I ever have all eyes on me? All these questions racing through my head! Should I ask for help ? I want to ask Margaret, Emily and Jennifer but I don't want to bug them. I mean I know there my Only friends but, I do not want to waste their time, every time I talk to them I need help about my problems! This is depressing, I think I am gonna have  a panic attack ! At 16 ? I don't think that's possible is it? I need some Aspirin! I looked everywhere! All my Aspirins were gone, then I remembered "Oh yeah, everybody that has stayed here practically abuses pills". I quickly called Emily, She only lives one block away. about No answer. I panicly texted Emily 50 times. Then she finally texted back. Me:OMG finally. You answered! Emily: Calm yo tits hoe!

Me: stfu and ride your bike down here! I need Aspirin ASAP ! In pain. Emily: Ugh fine there better be Wi-fi! Me: there is! Emily:OMW. "Emily your here"! I said in pain. She gave me about four, I only take about two. She left and I ran up to my room. I then found something perfect but will it be perfect to them? It was a belly shirt it had an Infinity sign, I found a pair of white shorts. I'm not on my period yet... So lets try it on. I had some blubber which was making me insecure. At least it did not hang over my short shorts. I had found a pair of shoes of mine...but, they were another pair of converse! At least they weren't ragedy! I curled my hair and set out my makeup. I was planned for the perfect day tomorrow, just for him. It took me about two hours for my hair to curl. By the time I was finished it was 1:00 am and my room smelled like burnt weave. I finally took a last look in the mirror to the old me, hoping this change will make a difference.

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