Trying to get him

A 16 year old with a simple crush... But, how far will she go to get to him?


4. Day 1 of new me

It's 6:30 I unwrap my hair to take a good look at my curls. They were glamorous! I began to put on my crop top and my white shorts.My outfit would be better with a pair of black sandles! I looked close in the mirror and slowly put my black eyeliner on "Ouch"! I was scared I was going to poke an eye out! I put the makeup on like a pro. I stroked a soft pink color on my eyelids, I curled my eye lashes and put on mascara, a little dab of foundation and I was finished. I wasn't too confident about this look but I think I looked cute! I slipped on my socks, put on my converse and grabbed my purple Jansport. I took off downstairs for breakfast nothing was made. Great ! I have to get school breakfast , Yuck ! I hated that nasty shit. I walked to the bus stop, Everybody looked at me, mouth wide open. I think I was getting the attention I wanted. I couldn't wait till Emily and everybody else seen me! I hope Brian thinks I look attractive! Brian likes brunettes... I am a brunette ! "Oh my god"! as I thought to my-self arriving to school. This is it Vanessa, I thought to my-self. I walked up the stairs of Stafford High school. Everybody's mouths dropped, I started feeling anxious and nervous. I passed Brian, He didnt notice me at all! Maybe I shouldn't have came today. I quickly ran to my crew. They said "whoa Vanessa we never thought you would actually do it". Well never say never ! I said to them. I asked them "Was Brian checking me out when I walked passed"? They bit their lips and said no. I started moaning. I didn't want to cry, My mascara is too expensive! I would honestly do anything to get to him. I went to my gym locker and changed quickly. When I arrived at my class the bell had just rung. I puffed in relief I wasn't late or that would have been my 3rd tardy ! I was ready to end the day, I could tell I had to step it up even more !

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