Trying to get him

A 16 year old with a simple crush... But, how far will she go to get to him?


2. changing it up

Vanessa's P.o.v.

Ugh tomorrow is Monday. I hate Mondays extremely! I will have to see Brian Martinez , my all time boo. He is taller than me, which is awesome because I mean who doesn't love having a tall boyfriend? Anyways he is no where near to being my boyfriend! He has brown hair, sparkling green/brown eyes that glow in the distance. He is Latino just like Jennifer. Of course they know about him. Emily thinks he is very conceited and that he is a faggot just like the other boys. But no, I see him differently. He could be a jerk sometimes I guess, but we all know he is not one of those "Well known jerks". He has no fucking idea that I exsist ! I need to change up my look! I wear sweats and bootcut blue jeans everyday with ugly ass t-shirts. I have a couple pairs of leggings in my closet somewhere. Like I can pull it off, I have no booty ! Im just a little wide that's all. Not huge breast like girls at school... probably all toilet paper and push up bra's ! I have makeup, but, What style should I do? Can I look good with it ? Dye my hair some? Get heels? All I stay in is my worn out ratchet ass Converses. I need to make my self noticeable. A couple of short skirts and crop tops.... No, I respect my-self too much. Maybe I will try it! I had to call Margaret, Jennifer and Emily on 3 way to tell them whats up. Emily said "You don't have to change for him, he will notice you for you"! Margaret said "Yeah be yourself, if he don't like you then just forget him"! Jennifer actually liked the decision! Jennifer just goes with the flow. She is like my big sister, it's like she has been through everything it seems. I started to get angry. "WHY DO YOU GUYS ALWAYS DENY MY DECISIONS"! I yelled furiously. "We just don't want to see you hurt". Emily and Margaret said. I then felt horrible and disgusted with myself.

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