Trying to get him

A 16 year old with a simple crush... But, how far will she go to get to him?


1. All about Us.

                                   Hi. My Name is Vanessa, I live in Orlando Florida. I have long straight brown hair, I was given up for adoption when I was just 3 years old, I stay with a 45 year old woman working my butt off! I have one job and I have nobody for a father figure sadly. I have no idea of what race I am. I was told I am White and Black. Like you can tell anyway! I go to Stafford high school and there is about 600 students there. Now i know what your thinking , "Wow, this kid has a social problem or maybe she is just a freak". Actually I stay to my-self. Except when I am with Jennifer,Margaret and Emily, My three losers. We are known as the "Freak Clan". Which is a pretty stupid lable people give us. Emily is American, Morracin, Guatamalian. Jennifer is Latino and Margaret is Black and Filipino (blasian <3). Emily and Margaret are singers, just trying to make it to the top. Me and Jennifer, well you know music is our life but we are their supporters. Jennifer and Margaret are Almost like populars but they are not about that stuck up life.

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