Liam and Maria are back together and happier then ever. But what will happen when an unexpected kiss throws them into a love triangle that know one knows the fait of? This is the sequel to Married?! so please read that first to understand this.


4. 3

*A/N- sorry this is at the beginning I just wanted to say I am pretty pissed at my internet haha I wrote this chapter 3 times and it deleted everytime ughhhh. Ok lol enough rant. so keep liking and commenting I love hearing from you guys. :) and its a short chapter im so sorry guys.*


Marias POV

"Ok so you are telling me that you said we are holding a fundraiser?" Harry asked staring at Louis. I sat at the round booth in the bar with the guys listening to Harry and Louis' conversation. Liam sat next to me rubbing circles on the soft of my hand.

"Yes." Louis says.

"A fundraiser that none of us knew about until now, not even you?" Harry says skeptically. Liam raises an eyebrow at me and I just shrug my shoulders.

"uh," Louis thinks about it then smiles back at Harry. "Yes" Harry runs his hand over his face shaking his head. I couldn't help but laugh at them.

"Ok so how are we gonna do this?" Harry asked. Louis just shrugs and takes a drink from his cup. I look over at Niall who is on the other side of me. He's been texting Cait the hole time weve been here so far, a small smile on his face. I look over at Zayn who is getting more drinks for us. He smiles at me, just a friendly smile, Im starting to feel as if Im just thinking things.

"well, how about Harry you and Louis work on the sponsors, Maria and I can do the set up of the function, and Zayn and Niall can do catering and the planning." Liam says as Zayn gets back with the drinks. Niall and Zayn nod their heads and Louis just grunts.

"Maybe you should be in charge of the planning Liam it would probably flow better, no offense." Harry says gesturing to Zayn and Niall.

"Ok then I'll help Niall, and Zayn and Mar can work together." Liam says looking at me as if asking permission. I smile and squeeze his hand. "Ok then its a plan! I'll just have to Simon to let him know whats going on." Liam kissed me short but sweetly before grabbing his phone and heading towards the back of the bar. I scoot over next to Louis and Niall followed suit to let Zayn in the booth.

"So Niall how is Cait?" I asked she really hasn't spoken to me that much after the whole fiasco a month ago. He set his phone down and gave me a crooked smile.

"Shes doing great, working and studying hard." He said. I sighed and looked down at my phone. Id give anything to have my friend back. I felt Nialls arm go around me and pull me close to him. "Don't worry she wont stay mad for long, she needs you more then she thinks." He whispered to me. I relaxed against him taking in his smell. One of the only guys besides Liam and Harry that I just love how he smells. Liam walked back to the booth at that moment and put his phone back in his pocket.

"'ok guys, talked to Simon and he said sounds good we just have to get started right away. Because how Louis made it sound was as if we are having it soon. So we will have to get started on Monday." Liam spoke to all of us. I sat up and away from Niall some as Harry and Louis let Liam in. I took a sip of my drink and could feel someone watching me. I tilted my head some to see Zayns eyes flicker away as if afraid to be caught. I sighed quietly. This is gonna be some next few weeks.


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