Liam and Maria are back together and happier then ever. But what will happen when an unexpected kiss throws them into a love triangle that know one knows the fait of? This is the sequel to Married?! so please read that first to understand this.


3. 2

Liams POV

I grabbed a hold of Marias hand as we exited the car, the rest of the boys following. She holds on tightly just like when we first met. I know she's never liked the paparazzi. We finally make it inside, I still never get over how quiet it gets once we get indoors, makes me feel like Im alone. I feel Marias hand in mine bringing me back to reality.

"Ok miss you will have to come with us to their dressing room for a minute while they get prepped." A bulky studio manager says to Maria. Her hand slips out of mine and I give her a peck on the cheek before we are ushered to another room.

"Ok so here is the information you all will need."  a smaller woman says as she hands us all a sheet of paper. "wait here, once we get you prepped you can head back to the room." and one by one she works on each of us. Placing the microphone and telling us how to turn it on and off, like weve never done it before. I just stand there waiting patiently as she works on Zayn.

"So lad, how have you and Maria really been?" Niall asks me he has a pleasant look on his face.

"really good actually." I smile "Better then ever. I guess it helps starting over the right way, ya know actually taking her out on dates before we think about marriage." I laughed a little.  I patted his shoulder and gave him a sympathetic look. "Im sorry Caitlyn left." I said quietly.

"Me too" was all he said before it was his turn.

Dakotas POV

I sat on the couch in their room waiting for Liam to get done. I played with my hair twisting it around my finger, watching it darken due to lack of oxygen.

"Hey" I looked up to see Zayn walking in. He had his jacket sleeves rolled up showing off his tatted arms. My thoughts instantly went to the look I saw in his eyes earlier. He walked over closer to me.

"Hey Zayn" I said back smiling. He pierced through me again with those eyes of his. Theres just something about the way he looks at me, like his eyes can control. I don't like it.

"So Maria, you and Liam are doing good?" He asked. His sweet smile playing on his lips. I stood up and walked over to the small table with some refreshments on it.

"yeah we are" I said looking up to smile at him. I grabbed a cracker and plopped it in my mouth. and side stepped by him to get back to the couch. He was positioned just right that my body brushed by his.

"Maria, Im happy for you two" He said. I stopped and looked up at him our faces just inches apart. Ive never been this close to him and I could make out the very details of his face. He smiled at that moment and stepped out of the way to let me through. I looked back up at him once I sat back down and he was humming softly one of the songs they were to perform today. All suspicions desolved once he looked at me again with a smile and all I saw was happiness, or was it ..



A/N- Okie dokie so whatcha all think?:) yes im updating twice today yippee! haha gave me your thoughts and comments :D



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