Liam and Maria are back together and happier then ever. But what will happen when an unexpected kiss throws them into a love triangle that know one knows the fait of? This is the sequel to Married?! so please read that first to understand this.


2. 1

Marias POV

"Liam babe?!" I called out, digging through the closet trying to find my other shoe. I pushed through the bottom rack and ran my hand across the floor.

"yeah?" I looked over to see Liam with his shirt unbuttoned and he had just one sock on.

"I cant seem to find my shoe." I said pushing my hand farther to the back.

"well it looks like its in your hand." He laughed. I rolled my eyes and looked him up and down.

"we are gonna be late for your press meeting. we shouldn't have waisted those extra minutes." I said still skimming the closet floor. I felt Liams arms wrap around my waist from behind and his lips connected with my neck.

"I wouldn't call having sex waisting minutes." he said in my ear sending goosebumps down my skin. His hands had found their way up my undershirt when suddenly my hand hit something hard. I pulled the object out quickly almost smacking Liam in the face.

"My shoe!" I squealed. I got up quickly and slipped my feet into them then tucked my shirt back in. I looked down at Liam who was still sitting on the floor. "Liam" I said looking over at the clock. "you have five minutes to get ready the guys will be here by then." I said offering my hand which he gladly accepted. His firm hand wrapped around mine and he pulled himself up. Before I could let go he pulled me into him crashing his lips onto mine. I tried to pull away but he was to strong. I quickly succumbed to his strength and forcefully kissed him back. He knows I cant turn him down. I moaned against his lips but managed to push him away just enough "time" I whispered. He sighed but let me go not before placing one more kiss on my lips.

"I love you, even when you call our sex waisted time." He winked at me.

"I love you too, and you know I never think of it like that." At my last words the doorbell rang breaking my train of thought. I looked at Liam and he still needs to put his shoes on. "Liam put your shoes on and I'll get the door." I said to him quickly before I dashed down the stairs. I reached the door and stopped to catch my breath and straighten my skirt.

I opened the door and that's when Harry reached out and grabbed me spinning me around. "Ive missed you Mar." He said as I laughed and gave him a hug.

"Harry its only been a week" I smirked at him once he set me down. "But Ive missed you too."

"So wheres Liam anywho?" He asked.

"Hes finishing getting ready." I answered. Harry looked at me wildly and winked.

"Liams never late when it comes to these things love." Harry said poking me in the side. I blushed and smacked him on the arm.

"what are you inferring?" I asked.

"Did you give him something to get his day going?" He winked again. I gasped and smacked him again this time harder.

"harry! Liam and I's sex life is between us." I said hitting him again. He put his hands up to get me to stop.

"Ready?"  I heard Liam say behind me. I turned to face him and he was smirking. He must have been standing there awhile. He took my hand and we walked out to the car, Harry following.

We slid in and I ended up next to Niall. Caitlyn had gone home a few weeks ago to start college. Niall was upset but he understood I think hes doing a lot better. Facing Niall, Liam, and I were Harry, Zayn, and Louis.

"Hey what took you guys so long?" Louis asked. He hit his foot against Liams, making Liam blush.

"Maria was just helping Liam start his day out right." Harry said winking. I gasped and my cheeks turned a dark shade of red. Liam squeezed my hand while giving Harry the death stare. I looked up to see Zayn staring at me. His eyes piercing into mine like they always do, but this time I saw something different in them.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *A/N- Hello Lovelies. :) let me know how you like it so far! Im actually really excited about this sequel :D like comment favorite do whatever :) thank you all for reading.*

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