The band next door

Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and.................. you?

For all you Directioners who clicked on this thinking it was about 1D well Ok then. This is about 1D but its an antifanfic so if you hate 1D, keep reading, but if you love them then (well you can continue reading ;-))
sorry but yeah


1. Moving In

"Why do we have to move here?" I leant back in my seat flicking through the pictures of me and my boyfriend James. "We're thirty minutes away from all my friends and I won't be able to get my license until next year." My mum groaned.

"Don't, you know I feel guilty, but this job is just to great" I rolled my eyes and texted James ly baby wuu2? A few minutes later James returned Missing you xxx I smiled. James was so sweet. Mum pulled into a small neighborhood and into a house. "This is the house?" I gasped. It was beautiful, a white mini-mansion with a huge garden "Oh my God it's amazing!" Mum smiled and turned back to watch the road. When mum parks I jump out the car and gasp. Once I'm actually looking at the house it looks like a mansion. I whirl around and in my peripheral vision I see two guys leaning against a car. One, a tall guy with brown curls wolf whistles and I flip him off, "that's not very nice, I'm sure their lovely young men" she waves at them and the one with two tone hair nods at her chewing on his cigarette (Zayn smokes right?) Ugh, he probably thinks he's so cool. The curly one launches himself off the car and walks over to us. "Hi, I'm Harry" Ugh he has one of those douche-bag voices. He looks me up and down and as his eyes (slowly I might add, the sleazy git) returned to my face I was frowning at him and had my arms crossed tightly across my chest "Um, and that's Zayn, so do you want to go out tonight" OMG he is such a sleazebag, I just met him and he's already asking me out. "Sorry but I have a boyfriend" he tuts quietly and as I turn away I hear him mutter "Shame, for that fucker maybe" I flip him off again and I hear him laugh as he walked back over to his car. "What did he want?" my mum looked at me expectantly 

"to hit on me like a sleazy asshole"


"What? it's the truth," I grab some of the bags out of the car and wander inside, well I'm not speaking to that asshole ever again.


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