Eleanor Calder's Twin

'I'm Falling Again - Deeper and Deeper' - Nicole Calder.
Nicole Calder, Eleanor Calder's twin sister. Nicole Calder, the girl who's mistaken for Eleanor Calder and Nicole Calder, the girl who's been abused and used by boys time and time again. When Nicole falls for Harry she's scared, scared of the hate, no, scared of the fame, defiantly not, scared of the pain and abuse? Defiantly. Scared that Harry may hurt and abuse her she doesn't know where to go, either she'll let what happens happen or she'll never let Harry look or touch her - In any way possible....



Chapter One


Not much to know about Nicole Calder, a lot to know about Eleanor Calder though...


I have a family:

Eleanor Calder - My twin sister who is dating Louis Tomlinson from 'One Direction'.

Philip Calder - My farther who try's hard to be the best but just like everyone else, he messes up sometimes.

Deborah Calder - My mother, who is married to my farther and try's hard - helping me from my past difficulties.

And me, Nicole Calder - Someone who is mistaken for my sister, Eleanor, who has been used and abused countless of times and the girl that is about to fall deeply in love with Harry Edward Styles....

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I yawned and stretched before staring in the mirror that was in front of my bed. I could see my brown eyes, brown hair, normal facial features and a small bruise that I had got only a few days ago from my ex-boyfriend when we broke up...

'Nicole! Are you up?!' My lovely, yet dramatic, twin sister called from downstairs.

'Just got up!' I yelled back before throwing the covers off of me and walking down the stairs - Letting the lovely smell of cooking eggs and bacon lead the way. As I walked into the kitchen I saw Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn - Sitting at the table, awaiting for their food. Eleanor stopped me and pushed my head to a side - Showing the bruise on my neck making it visible to everyone. Eleanor gasped.

'Nicole! When?! Are you OK?!' She asked, I groaned.

"I should have know this would happen..." - I thought, as this was the way Eleanor acted all the time she saw a new cut, scar or bruise. I jerked myself away from her,

'It's nothing...' I mumbled and sat down - Next to Harry and Niall who weren't really surprised that I had a new bruise.   

'Nothing?!' Eleanor chocked out, 'Nothing?! Nicole, this is the sixth time this WEEK you have woken up with a bruise - It's like you get a new one everyday!' Eleanor said, I sighed - Not wanting to talk about this... at all!

'Eleanor...' I was cut off my Louis - Who, thankfully, was going to save my life.

'Leave Nikki alone, babe, if she doesn't want to talk about it she doesn't have too.' I sighed before mumbling a shot simple:

'Thanks' - To Louis. Louis smiled at me as Eleanor set the food on the table.

'Fine...' She sighed in defeat and slumped on a chair.

But I knew Eleanor - This wasn't the last time she was going to bring this up today. 

There was an awkward silence - Something I hated. I stood up, picking up my plate as I did so.

'I'm gonna go eat upstairs...' I turned around but heard Eleanor's chair scrape on the floor - Meaning that she had just got up. 'Alone.' I added. 

I placed my plate of food on the bed-side-table and lay on my bed, I looked up at the ceiling. There was a light knock on my hollow door, 

'Eleanor, go awa...' I was cut of by the British accent that I recognised at Harry's... That and he said his name. 

'It's not Eleanor... It's Harry.' I sighed - Debating in my mind weather I should the curly haired boy into my room. I let out a deep breath before speaking, 'Come... In... Harry...' I said - Pausing in-between each word.

A smiling Harry walked into my room and sat on my bed, before his cold hand made contact with my arm. I shivered as he laughed,

'Sorry.' He said while laughing. I sighed before there was a silence, not an awkward silence just a silence. 'So...?' He asked, 'What's wrong?' He asked again as our eyes made contact.

'Everything...' I mumbled, he looked at me confused - But he didn't push for more. He lay down next to me. Slowly and carefully, as if I was a little baby, he wrapped his arms around me. I smiled slightly, despite him being cold he made me feel warm on the inside. 'Harry?' I asked, he hummed - Meaning for me to carry on. 'Did Eleanor send you up here?' I asked, he laughed.

'No, Nikki, she didn't.' He sighed, 'Y'know you really need to be nice to El... She's just trying to protect you.' Harry told me, I sighed.

'I know but it's just...' I began to think - How could I put this in a way that I didn't sound like a total careless bitch? 'It's just... It gets really annoying sometimes! And it's not like she brings it up when it's just us she brings it up when you guys are here!' We both sighed - Same time, same minute, same second. Harry's grip tightened around me, slightly. 

I shut my eyes and rested my head on his chest, Harry was cold yet warm. 

He made me feel better, was I developing something toward him?

But being hurt before I can't trust him... 

I can't trust boys.

I can't trust him.

I can't trust myself...



So, first Movella ;-)




Fan... Possibly?

Please comment though - Even if you don't like it, it would be nice to know what to improve on! 

One last thing before I go - Where I'm supposed to write the chapter name (All the way at the top) I'm putting someone's name and that just means that it's their point of view (P.O.V).

Bye for now, my people.


- Chloe Middleton

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