Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


8. Scene 8

Freya is sitting at the bar with a non-alcoholic drink as Ariadne walks in. Ariadne heads straight for it, a few stools away from Freya.

Ariadne- Hey, Bill.

Bill-Ariadne! I haven’t seen you in yonks. Why haven’t you come to visit sooner?

Ariadne- I had things I needed to do.

Bill- We should organise some day to chat. It helps, you know.

Ariadne- could I get-

Bill- Gin and tonic?

Ariadne- Please.

Bill gets it, chatting.

Bill- It’s been busy round here. Mum’s gone into melt down and Sarah’s never around. She got married last year. We couldn’t find you.

Ariadne- Sorry, I’d been moving around a lot. Tell her I said congratulations.

Bill- No, you say it when you start coming in more often.

Ariadne- I’ll try.

Bill- Is that all of an answer I’m going to get?

Ariadne- It’s work, I’m doing extra shifts, keeping occupied.

Bill- I’m glad you’re doing something, but you need your old friends around you. I bet you’ve been keeping alone.

Ariadne- How’s the business?

Bill- Doing well. It’s mainly me and the regulars. Except every Saturday we get them by the millions.

Ariadne- Tell me more about them. I remember some of your stories.

Bill- Not much really. Some of the same. Though there’s this one guy that like’s to hang round the shadows throwing glares at everyone that goes with in two miles of him.

Ariadne- Oh?

Bill- I can’t tell if there’s something dodgy about him or that he’s just a total grump.

Ariadne- Total grump.

Bill- I bet dodgy.

Ariadne- How much?

Bill- let’s go ten quid?

Ariadne- Done. Know his name?

Bill- Says his name’s Pharrell.

Ariadne- Where’s he from with a name like that?

Bill- Liverpool I would say. Nothing to do with the name. If you hang round till three you’ll see him. Always very prompt.

At that the door opens and our man walks in. Freya’s back straightens. Ariadne doesn’t even blink but causally glances at him.

Ariadne- That him?

Bill- Yeah. Turns to him. What can I get you?

Pharrell- Same as usual.

Pharrell sits in furthest corner and Bill gets his drink. Then goes back behind the bar.

Bill- he’s staying here too. Starting to unnerve me, the sooner he’s gone the better.

Ariadne- What day is he booked out?

Bill- sixth. I’d rather sooner.

Ariadne- He looks fitted for the cupboard room.

Bill- Oi. That’s a very tasteful room thank you very much. Actually, he wanted the biggest.

Ariadne- You gave it to him?

Bill- ‘Course. Told you, he’s dodgy.

Ariadne- Of course, God forbid an honest guy asks for a big room! What sins.

Bill- Shut up you goosebump. He can hide things in there.

Ariadne- Leans in with a very serious look on her face and whispers like clothes.

Bill- Ha. Ha. Ha. You will owe me that tenner, then that’ll wipe the smile off your pretty little face.

Ariadne- Ouch.

Bill- Yes, sweetie. Now drink up.

Ariadne- After I’ve used the bathroom. Been a long day.

Ariadne heads towards the ladies then takes a right up the stairs instead. She comes to a hallway and goes to the furthest doorway, pulling a clip from her hair and opening the lock. It takes her a matter of seconds, then she’s inside a medium sized room. Immaculate with a desk and a few drawers. She starts to shiv through them, taking out her phone and sending pictures to headquarters. Freya walks in.

Freya- Found anything?

Ariadne- I don’t think so.

Freya- wouldn’t have thought he’d bring anything with him. But that’s definitely our man.

Ariadne- Yes. I think there’s something in that briefcase with him.

Freya- And how are we going to get that?

Ariadne- Get behind the door.

She moves to the other side of the doorway.

Freya- What?

Ariadne- He’s coming.

Freya does as she’s told.

Freya- How do you know it’s him?

Ariadne- I’ve been doing this long enough. Now shh.

They stand in silence, listening as he opens the door. As soon as there’s a reasonable gap, Ariadne pulls his arm, flings him to the floor holding one arm behind his back.

Ariadne- Who are you working for?

He’s silent.

Ariadne- Let’s try this again-

He throws her off, his strength over powering her, knocking her hard against the wall, and pulls out a knife. Freya comes in kicking him in the stomach then, as he’s winded, grabs his wrist. He turns the knife, cutting her, and then kicks her off balance. He goes starts running but Ariadne is up, blood running down her face. He’s had a head start So she opens the window.

Ariadne- you go down through the door.

Below Ariadne is a sign of the pub which she uses to swing down, seconds as Pharrell comes out the door and pelts. Meanwhile, Freya jumps down the stairs and slides over a table after him.

Bill- Someone owes me a tenner.

They chase him down the street, with a chain fence. He scrambles over it and the girls follow. Ariadne reaches his ankle and he swings his briefcase down but Freya grabs it, crashing to the ground and lays there not moving. In that moment, the guy lets go and Ariadne goes after him, into a building. Here she stands out numbered, two others holding a gun to her head while Pharrell pants.

Ariadne- Hello, boys.

Man one- And you are?

Ariadne- Your mum.

Man one- Is that so?

Ariadne- Uh hu. Your man Pharrell has the whole SIS on him and your little organisation here.

Man two- Shit. You must be kidding me.

Ariadne takes this moment to grab Man one’s arm, ducking down as man two panics and shoots the first man. She dives behind an old piece of furniture. Three shots have been fired. Three left. She plays the game. She runs up the stairs, he fires at her, kicking open one door and going to into the next. She waits, hears the man enter the first room and pelts downstairs to Pharrell who she grabs and attempts to drag out. He’s strong and they have a fight as man two comes in and she throws herself at him, taking him by surprise and uses his gun to shoot Farrell who comes to help his friend. It does on the second shot. All six gone. They separate and man two pelts. Ariadne is tired and makes her way back to the unconscious freya, taking off her jumper, ripping the sleeves and tying it round Freya’s head to stop the bleeding. Which there’s a lot of.

Ariadne- You did well. Not many people get something, especially on their second field operation. Maybe you have promise.

She sits back and calls SIS.

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