Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


6. Scene 6

Ariadne and Freya are in a park awaiting the arrival of a fellow agent.

Freya- So… where did you grow up?

Ariadne- Why are you asking?

Freya- Because I’m making conversation.

Ariadne- Well don’t.

Freya- I know this is only our second mission but I feel like I’m working with a brick wall.

Ariadne- Good to know.

Freya- I can see why your other partners left you now.

Ariadne- I didn’t ask to work with you, you know.

Freya- But you need someone to keep you on a leash. They would never let you alone. Too ruthless, right? Is that what they said?

Ariadne- And you care?

Freya- Because I’m putting my life in your hands!

Ariadne freezes

Ariadne- Of course.

Freya- Of course what?

Ariadne- Look, let’s just concentrate on the case. We have bomb threats on London leaked out. Potentially over six million people could die, but no, first it’s important you understand who the fuck I am before saving their lives.

Freya- What’s there to do right now?

Ariadne- Think about it. Who? Why? What? Where? When? How? We know next to nothing apart from a man who could be setting them off.

Freya- And we can’t know anything till we get more information.

Ariadne- How are you expecting to get more information sitting here again?

Freya- By waiting for the agent.

Ariadne- Like we don’t already know what he’s going to tell us.

Freya- No, you’re right, we don’t.

Ariadne- I think you’ll be surprised.

Agent walks in

Agent- It’s a rather nice day.

Freya- It always is when it’s not raining.

Ariadne- Which is when?

Freya- Now.

    Ariadne- Thank you for that well needed answer.

Agent- I have your bag.

Ariadne- Great.

Hands a briefcase over to Freya.

Agent- As you well know, we have leads on the implementer of the bomb attracts. We want him. Alive. We need to find out who he’s working for and know what we’re dealing with.

Freya- Of course.

Ariadne- Just tell us the damn address.

Agent- How I’ve missed working with you. It’s all in the briefcase.

Agent exits .Freya opens the briefcase.

Ariadne- What’s the address?

Freya- Here.

Hands over paper.

It’s not far.

Ariadne- Shit.

Freya- What?

Ariadne- I know this place.

Freya- So?

Ariadne- It’s a pub.

Freya- They’ll recognise you?

Ariadne- Let’s go.

Freya- Well that’s a brilliant answer.

Ariadne- I know. There’s a bus stop down the next road.

Freya- Okay, I’ll go first and meet you there in ten. It says here we’re looking for a man around 24 with black hair and slightly yellowy skin.

Ariadne- Height?

Freya- Five five.

Ariadne- What you waiting for?

Freya- See you in ten.

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