Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


33. Scene 33

The bomb is at one minute. Freya calls Ariadne.

Ariadne- How’s it going?

Camera on Freya as people try to pile out of the ballroom.

Freya- everyone’s nearly out.

Ariadne- Good. There’s less than a minute to go.

Freya- Haven’t you stopped it? Are you going to be able to?

Ariadne- Of course. What do you think I am? Do I look like a SIS slob?

Freya laughs.

Freya- No, you’re definitely not like them, at all. After this is over, come back.

Ariadne- I was thinking of taking that holiday someone was trying to convince me into doing. Champagne, Alps. Bliss.

Freya- After that then.

Ariadne’s hand hovers over the last wire. Thirty seconds to go.

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