Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


30. Scene 30

Ariadne walks up to the ball in a black dress and mask, her hair down for the first time. People are on the street in masks and dresses, laughing and chatting. Ariadne walks past them and to the man at the door, she passes him her ticket and she walks into the ballroom.

Freya sees her enter. Her eyes widen, and she follows. Ariadne knows she’s behind her, but she’s focused on looking for one person.

Ariadne stops in the middle of the room. Dancers are swirling around her. Politicians and wealthy business men/women are surrounding her, people who play a part in the war. Freya watches as a man comes up behind Ariadne and starts to dance with her.

Man- Hello, Ariadne.

Ariadne- Vincent.

He twirls her and, as she turns round to face him, he pulls her close so her ear is against his mouth.

Have you taken a good look around you? Politicians, businessmen, all swarmed into one place. I even got paid for this job. You know what’s even more of a bonus? Seeing you here, beautiful.

Ariadne- Where is it?

Vincent- So you’re choosing them over me?

Ariadne- Tell me where it is.

Vincent- But this is your chance, your chance to get revenge. Darling, where does your duty lie? Your one true love or your job?

Ariadne- Don’t push me.

Vincent- I’ll like to see you run. The start is a little place I like to call the library.

Ariadne- The library? Oh. You used a double.

Vincent- Is that a problem?

Ariadne leaves him, and heads towards Freya and passes her a slip of paper with her number.

Ariadne- Find the other half of the bomb.

Ariadne heads out.

Freya- Ariadne-

Ariadne exists, followed by an ex-agent. As she reaches the street, she starts to run before the agent has a chance to push through the crowds. However, he’s an ex-agent who knows her well. She runs towards the library, hardly caring that he’s following. Freya rings her mobile. Ariadne answers.

Freya- What’s going on.

Ariadne- Find bomb. Can’t talk now, my cat escaped, call you once the rascal’s been found.

Ariadne hangs up and comes to the library. She takes out a gun and shoots the lock before barging in. She starts to look round as the ex-agent enters.

Ex-agent- You missed out on your chance there.

Ariadne- There is a bomb in this room. We have to find it.

Ex-agent- Why would he put a bomb here?

Ariadne- It’s a double.

The ex-gent clicks his gun and aims it at her head.

Ex-agent- Find it.

Ariadne rolls her eyes and starts pulling down bookcases.

Back to ballroom-

Freya, with no clue where to look, frantic, bumps into Thomas.

Thomas- How nice to see you again.

Freya- Right back at you. Erm, I really can’t talk right now.

Thomas- You’re Ariadne’s friend right?

Freya- More work partner.

Thomas- What are you looking for?

Freya- Sorry?

Thomas looks around him and starts to laugh.

Thomas- if I was going to plant a bomb, I would put it right there.

He points at kitchen. She remembers what she found earlier.

Freya- Did you plant this bomb?

Thomas looks startled.

Thomas- Didn’t Ariadne tell you?

That’s all Freya needs. She runs to the kitchen.

Back at Library-

Ariadne finds bomb at ten minutes and calls Freya.

Ariadne- I found my half.

Freya- I see it!

Ariadne- Have you ever disarmed a bomb before?

Freya- No.

Ariadne- Okay. The aspect of a double is quite simple. You can’t diffuse your half as it’s impossible to get into without some hefty equipment.

Freya- Then why did you want me to find it?

Ariadne- because I want you to show it to someone and get everyone out.

Freya- what are you going to do?

Ariadne- Disarming your bomb through this half.

Freya- But isn’t that stupid? To leave that half unprotected?

Ariadne- They don’t need to. I’ll call you back.

Ex-agent- Not going to tell her the rest?

Ariadne- Why are you still here if you know what’s going to happen?

Ex-agent- I’ve never had a proper life outside the service. I might as well die doing my duty, and I’m here making sure you do yours, instead of chasing Moore.

She opens the bomb and gets to work, ignoring him. 

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