Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


24. Scene 30

Freya and BB are in the same room, paper around them and a computer buzzing on Mark Gradewell’s profile.

Freya- I don’t understand.

BB- You’re going to have to go back to the base.

Freya- I can’t. They’ve gone into lock down. The war is getting worse, more bloodthirsty.

BB- You are an agent, you can fucking get in anywhere.

Freya- Are you suggesting I steal the folders?

BB- Yes.

Freya- But that’s against the law.

BB- I am the law.

Freya- it’s almost as if she knew.

BB- sorry?

Freya- Ariadne. She said to leave the folders behind.

BB is silent.

BB- That bitch.

Freya- What?

BB- She’s the reason we can’t get through.

Freya- You mean… Because you dropped her, she’s getting her own back and told them not to take calls?

BB- I wonder what else she’s done. Don’t get her wrong, Freya. This isn’t about us, she wants to keep us out and away from it.

Freya- Why?

BB- We have to hunt this bitch down. Her personal interests are not the nations. She will be punished for this.

Freya- Don’t get her wrong, sir. The threat of punishment won’t stop her, she knew the consequences when she started.

 BB- That’s why we have to stop her before she can do anything.

Freya- What about the case?

BB- Stay on it, I’ll assign another to Ariadne.

Freya- Like they’ll get her.

BB- Our aim is to slow her down, get rid of target, break her down, take her in.

Freya- If you can out run her.

BB- This has gone past running. It’s about mind games now.

Freya- Let me bring her in.

BB- I’m sure you will meet Ariadne at some point on your mission.

Freya- She’ll avoid me.

BB- Give her more credit. She’ll use you, you need to be prepared.

Freya- It’s almost as if she’s turned into the enemy.

BB- She has. 

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