Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


25. Scene 25

In Coburn’s room at the houses of Parliament. Little and Coburn are talking. Ariadne is waiting in the wings.

Coburn- I want to know what your boss is doing.

Little- My boss has told you all he knows, sir.

Coburn- Then why has my account been hacked?

Little- That has nothing to do with us.

Coburn- I don’t believe you.

Little- I’m sorry you feel that way.

Coburn gets angry.

Coburn- What are you planning, and planed, that you took a London hazard areas map? That is not what I employed you for.

Little- What do you think we are? A charity?

Coburn- Oh, I understand. Someone paid you more so you use your other client. What about Daniel Queen? What happened to him?

Little- He was working for the Government.

Coburn- I know! That doesn’t mean you blow him to bits and kill innocents at the same time.

Little- You don’t understand our business.

Coburn reaches inside his pocket.

Coburn- I think I do. I was in the army for twenty years. I joined when I was eighteen, thrown into the battlefields of Iraq. Pounded and bruised. Massacre. That’s what it’s like out there. Slaughter, blood, guts, bone. Young boys howling for their mummies with their guts spilling out onto the sand, dying with nothing, for nothing. Now they want to do it again. Oh, they’ll promote it as protecting against terrorism or some shit, but they just want oil. They want to kill children because they want their own, personal comforts. You don’t understand my business.

Little- I’m the ones who kill the kids.

Coburn screams in outrage, pulls the gun out of his pocket and shoots Little. Little drops to the ground, clean, professional shot. Coburn drops the gun and sinks to the ground, defeated and tormented by what he’s seen and done. Ariadne comes in pointing a gun to his head.

Ariadne- Where is Vincent Moore?

Coburn- Ariadne?

Ariadne- Where is Vincent Moore?

Coburn Laughs.

Coburn- I should have guessed. You’ve always been quite the, how should I put it?

Ariadne- Where can I find him?

Coburn- How would I know! I haven’t even seen the man. He always sent Gradewell.

Ariadne- His Name is Little, Marcus Little.

Coburn- He’s dead now.

Ariadne- I can see.

Ariadne takes Coburn’s gun and goes to Little. She closes his eyelids then searches for his phone. Finding it, she goes to leave, but stops at the door and turns to face Coburn.

Ariadne- Good luck.

Coburn- I’ll tell James she’s nearly there.

Ariadne frowns. Looks for a second and drops a gun, then turns her back and walks. Coburn picks it up and holds it to his head. Blackout.

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