Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


21. Scene 21

Past. Ariadne and James are in a restaurant.

James- Why do you never let me in?

Ariadne- I don’t know. I mean, what are you talking about?

James- I’ve just noticed it. For the first time. That look in your eyes, I’ve placed it.

Ariadne- I think you’ve had too much alcohol.

She reaches to take his glass but he grabs her wrist.

James- What is it that you’re thinking of?

Ariadne- James, let me go.

James- Can’t you even look me in the eyes?

She does.

Ariadne- You are being ridiculous.

James- You’re always absent. Not physically. I bet you couldn’t even tell me what you were thinking of then.

She looks away. He lets her go.

Ariadne- I’m going home.

James- What is it with you and running?

Ariadne- I just want to be alone for a bit.

James- That’s how you are at your best, isn’t it?

Ariadne- Take a walk before you get to the door.

James- Will that shake the feeling that I’m engaged to a machine?

Ariadne- You know what? Don’t come home. 

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