Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


20. Scene 20

In BB’s office. Ariadne is standing by the window, arms crossed looking out at London. BB enters, takes a glance at Ariadne, pauses, then takes his seat behind his desk. Ariadne doesn’t flinch.

BB- You’re probably wondering why I asked you to come.


Or not. Either way, you aren’t invincible.

Ariadne stays still. Seeming as if she is almost scrutinising every molecule. BB ignores her and shuffles his pages and starts to write. He is waiting for her, fed up. Ariadne turns and goes to leave.

BB- (Without looking up) Don’t even try that.

Ariadne pauses. Then turns to face him.

Ariadne- Spell it out, then.

BB- You are off the case.

Ariadne- You’re a fool.

BB- Take a break.

Ariadne- I’ve had my fill.

BB- Running doesn’t count.

Ariadne- It’s all I fucking know.

BB- So you’ll do it now.

Ariadne- Why should I?

BB- Because they are my orders.


Ariadne- Do you want to know what I did? Every day that you couldn’t find me, I went looking for someone else you couldn’t touch. This man will never be brought down in your name. Not if turn me away. You are blind to him, you can’t begin to understand his mind. Do not, take me, of this case. 

BB- Too late.

Ariadne- Good luck.

Ariadne exists. BB Takes a moment of reflection and hangs his head, regretting his decision. However, he is a proud man and will not back down.

Camera goes to Ariadne who takes out her phone as she walks through the building and rings the General.

Secretary- Hello, this is General Gateshead’s office, how may I help?

Ariadne- It’s Lucy Walsh, I need to be put through to the General this instance.


General- Ariadne wasn’t it? Hello, what can I do?

Ariadne- I need Mark Gradewell’s number and address. Also, someone might call on behalf of SIS that isn’t me. Even if they say it’s Freya, do not let them through, they are lying.

General- I’ll send you them now. 

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