Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


2. Scene 2

MI9. Ariadne is relaxing on a seat in a waiting room and Freya is pacing in front of her.

Freya- I don’t get how you’re so calm.

Ariadne- Mm.

Freya- There you go again. Have you even heard a word I’ve said?

Ariadne- Unfortunately.

Freya- We have no idea what’s going to happen now because of you refusing that order. We could lose our livelihood, our memories and you are just sitting there without a care in the fucking world.

Ariadne- Please shut up, you’re giving me a head ache.

Freya- Shit, fuck, bastard. Shut up! You bloody fucking bitch.

Ariadne- Well someone’s in a bad mood.

Freya looks at Ariadne

Come on. What’s it that they say? Turn that frown upside fucking down.

Misty enters

Misty- He’ll see you now.

They enter a room.

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